Former Heavyweight Boxer Lou Esa and Rising Star Vinny O’Brien Ready to Explode onto Pro Scene

When former heavyweight knockout artist Lou Esa teamed up with top amateur boxer Vinny “Lion” O’Brien, they had one goal in mind—win the Golden Gloves tournament. And through hard work and determination, they reached that goal this past April.

Over the course of his life Lou Esa has become a permanent fixture in the boxing scene, and has worked with countless fighters developing and perfecting their skills so they are able to excel at the professional level..

“Vinny works harder than anybody I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with,” said Esa about O’Brien’s work ethic. “He listens and is always looking to improve every aspect of his game so that he can always perform at his best.”

Following a disappointing and disheartening loss in the finals of the 2008 Golden Gloves tournament, O’Brien knew it was time to find a different coach and step up his training.

“My coach at the time wasn’t on the same level as me, and I knew that I had gone as far as I could with him,” said O’Brien. “From day one of training with Lou we decided that if we were going to work together, we were going to do it for one reason—to win.”

And win is exactly what they did. Under the tutelage and watchful eye of Esa, O’Brien soared through each round of the Golden Gloves leading up to the finals where he impressed the judges and crowd, earned the decision and was awarded the honor of “Outstanding Boxer of the Night.”

But the journey for the former heavyweight star and Golden Gloves Champion is only beginning. Esa has stated that he and O’Brien have been training in preparation of making their professional debut in early 2011, although a date is not yet solidified.

“I know he’s ready, and he knows he’s ready. It’s just a matter of lining up a fight with a promoter,” says Esa. “Vinny has the full package—the speed, the power and the discipline and dedication it takes to becoming number one.”

Throughout the amateur ranks O’Brien proved he belongs in the ring with the best of the fighters in his 141 pound weight class, and anxiously awaits his pro debut.

Keep an eye out for Vinny “Lion” O’Brien as he is ready to take the professional boxing world by storm and embark on his quest to working towards winning a world title.

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