Richard Schaefer Defends Floyd Mayweather Junior, Says “Money” Hasn’t/Isn’t Ducking Anybody!

By James Slater: Floyd Mayweather Junior, the fighter some people still have as their No. one choice when it comes to today’s pound-for-pound list, has been getting a ton of criticism from other fans and experts – even to the extent that some have began referring to Mayweather as a “ducker,” and a “cherry picker.”

Primarily due to him not yet having signed to fight consensus choice for the pound-for-pound No. one spot, Manny Pacquiao, these people have turned on the 33-year-old with the perfect record. Floyd’s own actions as of late – actions that have seen him get into all manner of legal troubles – haven’t helped his case, but nonetheless it does seem as though the five-weight champion is being unfairly labeled a fraud, even a coward.

One man who certainly thinks this line of thinking is way out of order, is Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer, who says it is “silly” when fans accuse Mayweather Junior of wanting to do anything to protect his unbeaten record; even if it means dodging a super-fight with a certain southpaw dynamo from The Philippines.

Schaefer spoke recently to, and he said that of course Mayweather isn’t looking for a fight at this moment in time, as he has first to “clear his name” in court. Schaefer makes the point clear: Floyd is using all his current energy doing this, and that after he clears his name, he will then look at who to fight in the ring. Schaefer says we should “be smart enough to realize that Mayweather is in the middle of legal proceedings,” and that we should give him a break when it comes to him not calling out the top names as a result.

“His [Floyd’s] focus and energy is on that, clearing his name, not on making a fight,” Schaefer said.

“That’s just common sense. These comments that he wants to protect his “O” are silly. He fought De Las Hoya when he was still in his prime. He fought Shane Mosley when everyone thought it would be a hard fight. He fought [Juan Manuel] Marquez. And, no, he hasn’t just fought small guys. De La Hoya and Mosley were both bigger than he was. The fact is he hasn’t ducked anyone.”

Schafer makes some good points, especially about allowing Mayweather to get the legal stuff out of the way before he even thinks about his next ring venture. However, fans are sure to disagree with the promoter’s “he hasn’t ducked anyone” claim.

Didn’t Floyd duck Antonio Margarito a few years back? Didn’t he wait until Oscar De La Hoya (who was anything but “still in his prime” when he fought Floyd in 2007) was old before facing him? The same could be asked of Floyd’s decision to box Mosley at a time when “Sugar” was pushing 40. There is no doubt, despite what Schaefer has had to say, the critics of Mayweather will remain. And perhaps with good reason.

But for now, until he has got his legal issues resolved, let’s give Mayweather the benefit of the doubt and assume he will agree to a super-fight with Pac-Man once he has done so. Heaven help Mayweather if he does clear his name yet continues to play games pertaining to the fight we all want to see, though!

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Boxing News Richard Schaefer Defends Floyd Mayweather Junior, Says “Money” Hasn’t/Isn’t Ducking Anybody!