One Writer’s Nov. 2010 Pound For Pound Ratings

By James Slater – There have been at least three pound-for-pound entrants (on most lists) in action this month already, and the wins the victorious stars enjoyed made sure things got interesting in regards to the latest P-4-P ratings.

We all agree Manny Pacquiao has been and still is the number-one in the sport, and his recent hammering of the much bigger Antonio Margarito did nothing to change that view. Juan Manuel Lopez has had a good month also, stopping his biggest and most important rival so far in his career; does the retirement win “Juanma” scored over former P-4-P entrant Rafael Marquez grant the Puerto Rican a spot in the latest top-ten?

As for the sensational job the sensational Sergio Martinez did on P-4-P star Paul Williams this past Saturday; no-one will argue with you when you say the Argentine middleweight king is worthy of being in the ratings that list best of the best. But how high should Martinez be placed? Above the less than active Floyd Mayweather Junior even?

Here, in this piece, I give my honest opinion when it comes to who should go where in today’s Pound-for-Pound ratings. Knowing full well it is impossible to please everyone in these type of articles, my list gets written knowing it will inspire debate. And that’s a good thing. It would be awful if we all shared the same opinion, wouldn’t it?

Take a look, see what you think, but don’t get angry if you disagree with my list – write one yourself and post it on the comments facility ESB (THE premiere boxing website out there) kindly provides!

1. Manny Pacquiao: welterweight/light-middleweight. 52-3-2 (38)

2 Sergio Martinez: middleweight. 46-2-2(25)

3. Floyd Mayweather: welterweight. 41-0(25)

4. Juan Manuel Marquez: lightweight. 51-5-1(37)

5. Juan Manuel Lopez: featherweight. 30-0(27)

6. Giovanni Segura: light flyweight. 25-1-1(21)

7. Wladimir Klitschko: heavyweight. 55-3(49)

8. Bernard Hopkins: light heavyweight. 51-5-1(32)

9. Vitali Klitschko: heavyweight. 41-2(38)

10. Nonito Donaire: bantamweight. 24-1(16)

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Boxing News One Writer’s Nov. 2010 Pound For Pound Ratings