Mayweather vs Mosley: Historically Monumental, Categorically Consequential

By Vivek Wallace: On the evening of Saturday, May 1st, in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand, two of this era’s perennial figures will square off to settle a score that began tabulating well over a decade ago. Often in the sport of boxing we learn that there’s never a bad time for a good fight, yet this is a good fight which could yield results that prove to be bad for the man who lands on the losing end. With the sports P4P king looming at large, eager to display his own dominance, both men involved Saturday night know full well that only one will have the opportunity to test their mettle against him. For the elder Shane Mosley, the road has been long and arduous, yet the beaming energy he brings into this showdown has him more than fresh and ready to impress. For Floyd Mayweather jr., this daunting task will place him in the midst of a terrain that he has yet to conquer. One where the competitor is bigger, stronger, and by many accounts, perhaps even faster..

Typically, youth defies age more often than not; but in this matter, age is perhaps more than just a number, as the appropriate and very relative acronym tells us this ‘age’ is nothing less than A GREATER EXPERIENCE. Success of the past does little at best to resolve questions in the present. For one man, the lingering stinch of banned substance allegations run rampant. Despite a clean record, his opponent faces a slew of dirty allegations himself, only these deal with what most fight fans view as an unfulfilled talent filled with barks, yet rare with bites. With the eleventh hour soon upon us, questions of substances, poor levels of opposition, and anything else will be fair game, as neither man’s legacy will be completely filled without the desired results by the end of the night. That reality makes this moment monumental, yet for one unlucky competitor, extremely consequential…..particularly in a sport that leaves no room for the weak.

In an effort to view these men a little closer, I present a 10-minute visual from a not-so-common perspective:

(My Official prediction article is set to be published on fight day – Saturday May 1st – Who Are You Picking?”)

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Boxing News Mayweather vs Mosley: Historically Monumental, Categorically Consequential