Mayweather Jr v Pacquiao – The mega fight


By Ryan Williamson – A while ago I wrote the article, could Mayweather Jr return for Pacquiao? Well after last nights fight and with news of Mayweather Jr’s return against Juan Manuel Marquez (providing Floyd wins) that is what he will be heading for. This is the legacy defining mega fight Floyd Jr has been waiting for (which will already be well enhanced if he gets past JMM)..

I think if this fight can be made it could be as big as any other in history. If the fight is fought below welterweight Manny will have a great chance. Out of every fighter in the world around the light welterweight/welterweight divisions I think Manny has the style that is least likely to succumb to Floyd. He is as fast as Floyd, he too throws well timed accurate punches, both fighters move incredibly well, they both have great chins and heart. I think Floyd is fundamentaly a better boxer than Pacman and he is harder to hit than Manny. That could be the difference in the fight. I still think that Floyd has the tools to beat Manny but this could be the fight that He needs to show everyone that he is as great as he says he is. On the other hand this is not (at least in my mind) a 120-108 fight for Floyd. This could be that greatness defining fight that sees him have to overcome adversity to win. But there’s just enough doubt in me that says that we could see Floyd’s 0 go. That’s what makes this fight such an exciting prospect.

After last nights showing Pacman proved his most effective fighting weight so far is 140, he should push for the fight to be as near to 140 as he can get it. I think Manny (although by default) is the Pound for Pound #1, he will be the main PPV draw. So I don’t see him having to fight at welterweight. All I can say about this fight is “Let’s get it on!” just like Mills would have told them.