Emanuel Steward Convinced His Fighter Wladimir Klitschko Will Fight David Haye Next

by James Slater – Though we are still, still, still waiting the official announcement that will confirm the heavyweight rumble everyone is talking about – in Wladimir Klitschko against David Haye – trainer Emanuel Steward has revealed how he himself is sure the fight will be the next one for the man he coaches. Recently, Adam Booth, trainer and manager of Haye, said there were still a few details to be ironed out between the lawyers, and that is what we are still waiting on..

The delay in announcing the fight due to details had “The Hayemaker” worrying a few days back – concerned as he was that the fight may not happen after all. Well, according to the Hall of Fame trainer, there is nothing to worry about.

In an article that has appeared on a number of boxing web sites, Steward has revealed how his fighter called him just last night, to ask what size ring the fight should be contested in. This, the final detail to be ironed out, is the only thing that needs to be decided for the deal to go ahead. Because of this, Emanuel is sure the fight will be on in the summer.

“Wladimir called me last night to ask what size ring we wanted to be put in the contract,” Steward said. “I told him and he said that was all he needed to know because the deal was being finished. So based on that, it must be in its finalised stage and it must be on.”

Steward never let out what answer he gave to his fighter with regards to what size the ring should be – will Team Klitschko get a smallish ring, or will they feel a bigger ring will be to their advantage against the former cruiserweight champ?

Emanuel also disagreed with the thinking that the fight will likely take place at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge football ground, saying he feels the bout has more of a chance of being held at London’s O2 Arena.

“It will probably be at the O2, and I’m quite sure it will be a big sell-out,” Emanuel said. “That’s where it needs to be. It’s a high interest fight because of Haye. He’s a colourful guy and an exciting fighter. He’s going to make Wladimir fight and I like that. I think we’re in for a very exciting fight.”

Many fans are also anticipating an exciting fight, that’s why they are anxious for things to get moving, and for the fight to be announced as official already. Judging by what Steward says, this will be very soon.

As for the trainer saying he’s glad Haye will “make Wladimir fight;” it would seem as though what he means is that an aggressive challenge by Haye will bring out the best in a fighter who has no time to adopt his oft-applied cautiousness. But will Haye’s assault simply overwhelm Klitschko instead? The O2, or whichever venue hosts the fight, will be full of fans bursting with curiosity to find out the answer to this question!

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Boxing News Emanuel Steward Convinced His Fighter Wladimir Klitschko Will Fight David Haye Next