Boxing For Fitness Now Open To The Public at OIAM Merrillville

Octavius James, CEO of One In A Million Inc., has announced that the One In A Million Boxing Gym, located at 8789 Louisiana in Merrillville, now offers memberships to anyone who wants to Train Like A Champion. In addition to it’s top-notch boxing equipment and world class certified boxing instructors, the 5000 square foot facility offers the latest in cardio equipment and free weights and now offers programs geared toward at-risk youth, childhood obesity and women’s fitness..

Already the training site of the region’s best professional boxers, One In A Million’s USA Boxing certified coaches include Jack “Kid” Callahan, Henry Sims and Former Professional Fighter and Local Favorite Marty Jakubowski. Whether you’re looking for a fitness class specifically designed for women, just looking to get in shape or want to train for a Golden Gloves type competition, our knowledgeable, personable and patient instructors are on hand to safely guide you.

Most importantly, the One In A Million facility is now available to area youth who may be at-risk and/or overweight.

“First and foremost, a gym should be a safe haven for kids,” said James. “Any young person with too much time on their hands can find themselves at-risk and getting in trouble. Our theory is simple. ‘Stay in the gym. Stay off the street.’ It’s an idea that works.”

“Secondly, childhood obesity is a real and growing problem in this country,” James continued. “According to the American Heart Association, 92% of elementary schools don’t have daily gym class. And, when typical American kids aren’t in school, they spend more than 40 hours a week playing on the computer, playing video games and watching TV.”

“Kids won’t change their bad habits by themselves, so we want this to be a family program. Parents, who have probably been talking about getting in shape anyway, can set an example for their kids by making it a family activity one hour per night, three times per week.”

One In A Million Boxing is open from 10 am until 8 pm Monday through Friday and 10 am – 2 pm on Saturday. More information about instruction and memberships will be posted at shortly.

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Boxing News Boxing For Fitness Now Open To The Public at OIAM Merrillville