Kirkland-Conyers, Angulo- Meliksetian Weights and Quotes

28.11.07 – JAMES KIRKLAND (20-0, 17 KOs) “I feel good about my conditioning. I made the weight, but I didn’t agree to fight at 152. I agreed to fight at 154. Making the weight was like taking out one of my kidneys.”

“I figure out my opponent’s game plan in the ring and take advantage of what I learned and practiced.”

“I feel drained right now because I had to make 152 pounds, but I don’t think it will be a problem for this fight.”

“It is time to step up. I have two kids and I am looking for a breakthrough.”

ALLEN CONYERS (11-2, nine KOs)

“I am a pressure fighter. I am a grown man. Kirkland is a baby. He hasn’t fought anybody. It is risky to fight a guy like me. I am just glad they gave me the opportunity to fight.

“This fight is not going to the judges. I will hit Kirkland with everything. He has never faced anyone with power like me. I can easily outbox him.”

“I love southpaws. I finish them early.”

“My jab is going to be better than any right hands Kirkland has fought. I hit hard. This ain’t no joke. This ain’t WWE.”

“People in boxing think Kirkland is a beast. This is a beautiful fight for me because I will be able to show everyone what I am about.”

ALFREDO ANGULO (10-0, seven KOs)

“I am a tough fighter and am ready for a good, tough opponent.”

“Ter Meliksetian has a lot of experience and a good left hook.”

“I plan on being the aggressor in this fight. I want to destroy Ter Meliksetian with body shots.”

“I can fight right handed or left handed, so I have two defenses. I have power in both hands. I switch to get more speed in my right hand and confuse my opponent.”


“I need to use my size. Angulo is a little slow handed. He gives you opportunities to hit him.”

“I am a puncher. Our plan is to catch Angulo on the way in because he drops his left hand.”

“If I fight tall, I automatically up my defense. The most important thing I have to do in this fight is move after I throw a punch.”

“Angulo has skills, but he is slow and hittable.”

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