Bobby GUNNing for Tomasz Adamek!

Former IBA champion and world ranked Cruiserweight Bobby Gunn 18-3 {15 KO’s} is hoping for a fight with former WBC Light Heavyweight and current IBO Cruiserweight champion Tomasz Adamek. Gunn was recently mentioned for a fight with Antonio Tarver, but was passed by for Danny Santiago. “I watched the fight of the Antonio Tarver and Elvir Muriqi again recently. Elvir showed me that he is a true warrior, and I believe Tarver didn’t like the pressure he applied. This is honestly why Tarver won’t fight Glen Johnson a third time. Tarver didn’t want to fight me because he would be pressured to death!.”

“I am done with Tarver after being played with via press releases and phone calls. My goal is to now fight Tomasz Adamek because I am a small cruiserweight, while he is a former top Light Heavyweight and this would make one hell of a fight!” Here are the facts; you probably have a title defense coming up soon. The money fights for you are unifications with Maccarinelli, Haye or Cunningham but you need to defeat a colorful opponent before tangling with the big boys at cruiserweight.”

I’ll fight you in Poland, your family can be the judges and referee it don’t matter to me because I’ve already been burnt twice and I promise you I won’t be coming out the same way I did against Enzo Maccarinelli. This time, the judges and referees won’t have a chance to stop the fight prematurely. I think of you as a Polish warrior, and a very proud man wouldn’t want that either so I figure you would want a good scrap. Let’s make this fight; it can be like Adamek vs Briggs but the cruiserweight version!”

“With all due respect, your people ducked me in New Jersey do you remember that? I’ll have you more clueless and defeated then Chad Dawson did. You are known as a Polish warrior, but you look like a Polish sausage because your face is so plump from the beatings you’ve taken. You want a war; fight me I’ve fought all over the world as a pro and amateur. I’ve been in world title fights just like you have. Give Team Gunn a call 201-681-1733; you have my number now so there are no excuses. I will fight you anytime and any place including Poland! Antonio Tarver wouldn’t fight me, will you?”

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Boxing News Bobby GUNNing for Tomasz Adamek!