Reid Prepares for Fight of his Life

31.05.07 – Hanley’s light-welterweight hopeful Gary Reid took time out of his hectic training schedule to talk about his forthcoming Commonwealth title clash with unbeaten Ajose Olusegun. The bout is scheduled to take place at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre on 15th June.

“I can’t wait to get into the ring with Olusegun,” said Reid, “He’s the toughest opponent that I’ve had to face to date and it’s the most important fight of my career. I know that I will be going there as the underdog but that’s something that I’m used to so I’m not daunted by the prospect.”

“You only have to look at my record to see how many tough fights that I’ve had in the past and I think you’ll find I’ve had more tough fights than he has. He’s been boasting about how he beat Ali Nuumbembe but what he forgets to mention is that Ali took that fight at less than two days notice and most of my losses have been in fights that I took at short notice. I’m much better prepared for this one.”

“Olusegun has already said that he will stop me and take the title and he’s already talking about future opponents. Well he’s entitled to his opinion but I’m determined to have my say on the night.”

“He’s said what he’s going to do to me and he thinks he knows how I will fight on the night but I’d prefer to keep him guessing; I’m sure he will have a few surprises for me so I intend to have my share of surprises for him too. I will promise him that he won’t get it all his own way in the ring and I will promise the fans that win, lose or draw I’ll put on a show for them.”

“I’m training harder than I’ve ever trained before and everything is going well so far. When 15th June comes around I’ll be in the best shape of my life and I’ll be up for it so Ajose had better not take anything for granted. He may be predicting that it won’t go the distance but I’ll be ready to go 12 rounds if I need to and I’d be quite happy to beat him on points.”

Reid faces Olusegun on a Frank Maloney promotion entitled ‘Back From The Brink’ at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, Ledrington Road London SE19 2BB on June 15, 2007. Tickets are priced at £70 and £40 and are available by logging onto or by calling the Box Office at 0871 226 1508. The fight is also televised live on Sky TV.

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Boxing News Reid Prepares for Fight of his Life