Carlos Baldomir Welcomes “Sugar” Shane Mosley’s Gauntlet Challenge: “I Look Forward to the Opportunity of Fighting Shane


28.02.07 – By Ricardo Lois/ – Carlos Baldomir is class. From humble beginnings in Santa Fe, Argentina, Baldomir’s phoenix like rise from feather duster selling journeyman to world welterweight boxing champion has been well documented. A 2006 campaign that saw him shock Zab Judah, defeat Arturo Gatti, and fall short against Floyd Mayweather Junior, and millions of dollars that followed that followed, have not swollen “Tata’s” ego.

While Baldomir was vacationing at Sycuan’s luxury resort in El Cajon, California , I buzzed the former boxing champ and caught up with his going ons since the defeat to Mayweather.

“I have been resting and spending time with my family in Argentina,” said Baldomir, “I just enjoyed myself, 2006 was such an incredible year for me.”

In the fight with Mayweather, Baldomir looked flat and lacking drive. Boxing insiders have speculated that “Tata” suffered an elbow injury that might have affected his performance against the pound for pound champ.

No excuses from Baldy.

“I had an off night,” said Baldomir, “What is done is done and now I look to the future.”

The future still looks bright for a man who owns a record of 43-10-6 and is represented by Sycuan Ringside Promotions. Just yesterday, Shane Mosley called out Baldomir on Boxingtalk for a June date.

“It is an honor to have a fighter the quality of Shane Mosley calling me out, “said Baldomir, “I look forward to the opportunity of fighting Shane.

“I did not see his fight against Collazo, but I understand he looked excellent. Mosley would present a challenge, but I am willing to take my shot.”

In recent years Baldomir has been trained by legendary trainer and fellow countryman Amilcar Brusa, but earlier this year the elderly teacher made public some very negative comments about Baldomir’s work ethic, leading up to the Floyd Mayweather fight, in Argentina’s newspapers.

Though he did not out and out state Brusa was getting the axe, the classy Baldomir hinted that a change is eminent.

“I might make a change of trainer, “said Baldomir, “But I will make the decision, no one else.”