Heavyweight banger Derrick ‘Boy Boy’ Chisora

27.02.07 – Heavyweight banger Derrick ‘Boy Boy’ Chisora will bid for the famous yellow three-wheeler used in the classic TV comedy series Only Fools and Horses when it goes under the hammer tomorrow. The Finchley prospect made his pro-debut at Wembley Arena with a second round stoppage of Istvan Kecskes and will now slug it out with rival bidders at London auctioneers Coys to land the battered 1972 Reliant Regal which has £15,000 reserve on it..

The van was used in the episode Danger UXD when it was used to transport explosive sex-dolls and has been in display at the Cars Of The Stars museum in Cumbria ever since.

Like the original Del Boy played by David Jason, Chisora, the 2005 ABA Super-Heavyweight Champion, is a bit of a wheeler-dealer himself and also dabbles in second-hand cars on the side.

On his debut, Chisora made his entrance to the famous theme tune but now he wants to go all the way by getting the van up and running again so he can drive it to the ring when he challenges for the British title!

“Cushty, I’ve got to get my hands on this motor!” said Chisora.

“It’s a good little runner, low mileage and only one owner. The only thing I’m not sure about though is the tax but Boycie can sort that one out!”

“I’m going down to the auction so it will be interesting to see who I’ll be bidding against. I’m sure the van is going to attract a lot attention but I’m determined to get it so money is no object. Hopefully it will be an easy bid though once they see they are up against a heavyweight boxer they will drop there bids and I’ll get it at a good price – I’m no plonker!”

He added, “I want to get the van running again and my ambition is to drive it to ringside when I make my entrance to challenge for the British title which is a few years off but it gives me the motivation to do it,”

“My ring entrance music is the theme tune to the show and my fans wear the peak-caps and sheep skin jackets so to get the van this will be an added bonus for them when it happens!”

“The van might be an old banger but there’s nothing old about me. I’m young and I’m hungry to re-ignite the British heavyweight scene again. It’s been missing a character who can liven it up and fight as well and I can do both and I’ll bring the world title back to Britain.”

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Boxing News Heavyweight banger Derrick ‘Boy Boy’ Chisora