Raphael Butler: Youngest heavyweight in the world to register 20 KO wins

27.02.07 – (Houston) – Up and coming heavyweight prospect Raphael Butler, the 2004 National Golden Gloves Champion, has become the youngest heavyweight in the world to register 20 KO wins when he knocked out Brad Bowers this last Saturday, February 24 in Superior, Wisconsin. Raphael Butler turned 23 in January. He is only one of three heavyweights in the entire world under the age of 26 who has registered 20 KOs..

The other two are J.D. Chapman with 22 KOs, and Oleg Platof who also has 20 KOs. However, Raphael Butler is three months younger than Oleg Platof and two months younger than J.D. Chapman. That makes him the youngest heavyweight in the world with 20 KOs. Munisteri Sports & Entertainment President Steve Munisteri who manages Raphael Butler stated, “In a very short time Raphael Butler has established himself as one of the hardest punchers in the heavyweight division. In reality, he has 22 KOs as he knocked Eric Lindsey out but the fight was ruled a no contest when Butler accidentally hit him in the back as he was falling unconscious to the canvas.

Likewise, Louis Monaco spit out his mouthpiece eight times in order to have time to recover and not be knocked out resulting in his being disqualified. Thus, in reality, Raphael Butler has stopped 22 of his opponents, which no other young heavyweight has been able to exceed. In addition, Butler reached his 20th KO victim at a much earlier stage in his career than either Platof or Chapman. It took Platof five years and nine months to reach 20 KOs, and it took Chapman three years and five months to reach 20 KOs. It has only taken Raphael Butler two years and eight months to register 20 KO victims.”

Raphael Butler has faced 27 different opponents in his 29 fights. (Two fighters he fought twice). Of the 27 fighters, Raphael Butler has knocked to the canvas 25 of the 27 opponents he has faced. Only two opponents, John Clark and Jason Gavern, have not touched the canvas and both of those were shaken by heavy punches in the first round by Butler. Even one of the fighters that beat him, Darrel Provo, was knocked down while battling Butler. In the Provo fight a double knockdown was actually scored. In a wild affair, after Provo wobbled Butler early on Butler then landed a punch which then caused Provo to head for the canvas. On his way down Provo swung his arms and hit Butler causing Butler to go down with him.

In Butler’s latest bout, he was able to dispatch Brad Bowers in 29 seconds, 10 seconds of which was the count of the referee counting Bowers out. Butler sent the 6’ 4” 260-pound heavyweight to the canvas with a left hook that momentarily knocked the heavyset Bowers unconscious.


Since his last loss to Jason Gavern, Butler took several months off to get into the right frame of mind to rededicate himself so that he would never lose again. Since the Gavern fight Butler has reeled off eight straight victories, none of which has gone the distance. Four of the eight have ended with first round knockouts, seven of the eight have ended in three rounds or less. Only Louis Monaco made it through the third round and that is because he spit his mouthpiece out eight times. Every time Monaco was hurt and appeared on the verge of being knocked out he spit out his mouthpiece to gain time. Munisteri Sports & Entertainment President Munisteri commenting on Butler’s latest win streak stated, “I am very proud of Raphael. He overcame three early setbacks, fights which he shouldn’t have lost and has gotten off the canvas to reestablish himself as one of the best young prospects today. In the long run I think his losses will help him because he now knows he can come back from not only being knocked down but having everyone doubt him. He is now undefeated over the last year encompassing eight fights in a row in which he’s never looked better. He has his confidence back and he is bigger and stronger than he ever was. At only 23 years of age he is one of the youngest experienced heavyweight prospects out there. He is scheduled to fight April 6 on Showbox at which time he will be reaching the 30-fight mark which is unheard of for a heavyweight who is only 23 years of age and only been a pro a little over 2-1/2 years. As he gets older, he will grow even stronger and probably hit even harder which is scary. At 6’ 4” and 255 pounds he already hits like a mule.”

Butler stated, “I am very proud to have become the youngest heavyweight in the world with 20 KOs. I have been averaging almost a fight a month so at the rate I am going I will hit my 40th KO when I am only 26 years of age. I look forward to that day and to becoming the Heavyweight Champion of the World. I have gained a lot of confidence since my losses by sparring with Vitali Klitschko, Vladimir Klitschko, Oleg Maskaev and Sultan Ibragimov. I really feel like I did well with each of those top heavyweights and that gave me the self-confidence to go out and win a world title.”

Munisteri said that Raphael Butler is scheduled to fight April 6 on a Goossen Tutor Showbox card, and then again May 5 in Wisconsin.

For more information, contact Steve Munisteri, (713) 523-8338.

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