Championship Round Competitors are Determined at the 2006 Junior Olympics

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO.) – Junior Olympic National Championships competition moved into semifinal action on Friday morning at the Northern Michigan University Superior Dome. Thirty-nine semifinal bouts were contested in both the male and female divisions with all the winners moving on to final round action.

The 95 pound division took the ring for the first time in Friday morning with two semifinal contests. Favian Cervantez (Arleta, Calif.) won his opening bout of the tournament, winning a 17-9 decision over Amir Iman (Albany, N.Y.). Cervantez will battle Darious Moton (Oxon Hill, Md.) in the final round. Moton opened his first Junior Olympic tournament with a 16-7 win over Oscar Cantu (Kingsville, Texas). Moton is the younger brother of defending middleweight champion Dominic Wade and the two hope to enjoy a junior Olympic title in the same year.

In pinweight action, Louis Byrd (Denver, Colo.) won a spot on championship night with a 9-4 win over Brandon Williams (Rochester, N.Y.) in semifinal competition. Byrd will take on Carlos Alcala (Haltom City, Texas) in the pinweight championship bout. Alcala won a 14-8 decision over Juan Thomas (Wailuku, Hawaii) in their semifinal match-up to move on to the title bout.

Alexis Santiago

(Phoenix, Ariz.) was the next boxer to advance to championship round action. Santiago won a slim 6-4 decision in his light flyweight semifinal match-up with Daniel Lozano (Bowling Green, Fla.) to earn a spot in the final round. Santiago will face Randy Caballero (Coachella, Calif.) in the championship bout. Caballero recorded a 20-14 win over Kevin Rivers, Jr. (Waldorf, Md.) in the semifinals.
The host state of Michigan advanced its lone boxer to the championship round in the flyweight division. Mohamed Adam (Dearborn, Mich.) pulled out a slim 6-5 win over Raul Lopez (Bronx, N.Y.) in semifinal action. Adam will enjoy the home ring advantage as he takes on Andre Keys (Tacoma, Wash.) in the championship bout. Keys also won a close decision in semifinal competition, taking a 9-7 victory over Paul Romero (Phoenix, Ariz.).

The light bantamweight division showcased a bout between 2005 Cadet World Championships member Samuel DiPace (Las Cruces, N.M.) and 2006 Silver Gloves champion Wade Bolton II (Charlotte, N.C.). Bolton took the early lead in the bout, holding a 4-1 advantage after the first round but the contest grew increasingly sloppy in the second round. The referee took points from both boxers before disqualifying Bolton for ducking his head. DiPace moves on to a championship bout match-up with Lamarkis Cowan (St. Louis, Mo.). Cowan recorded a second round stoppage over Jerell Barbour (Tacoma, Wash.) in their semifinal contest to win a spot on title night.

The first female semifinal bout was contested in the light bantamweight division and Alexandria Cardenas (Ft. Worth, Texas) made it a quick one. Cardenas recorded a first round stoppage of Jasime Springwater (Wichita, Kansas) in their semifinal bout to move on the championship bout. She will face Cynthia Moreno (Phoenix, Ariz.) in the final round contest.

In bantamweight action, Roberto Marroquin (Irving, Texas) moved on to his second straight Junior Olympic championship bout after winning a silver medal in 2005. Marroquin defeated Josehph Guerra (Las Cruces, N.M.), 23-11, in his semifinal bout to advance to the finals. Marroquin will take on 2006 Silver Gloves champion Ronny Rios (Bronx, N.Y.) in the championship bout. Rios won a razor-thin 17-16 decision over Christopher Avalos (Lancaster, Calif.) to earn a spot on championship night.

On the female side, Angela Bradford (Fort Worth, Texas) upset defending national champion Tiffany Perez (Harvey, Ill.) to win a spot on championship night. Bradford recorded a 30-15 decision over Perez in the semifinal match-up to advance to final round action. Perez will face Raelene Pineda (San Bernadino, Calif.) in the championship bout. Pineda recorded her first victory of the tournament on Friday, winning an 8-2 semifinal decision over Deirdre Rhodes (St. Louis, Mo.).

Manuel de la Cruz

(Port Arthur, Texas) followed his upset of defending champion Hylon Williams with a semifinal win over Jesus Rodriguez (Van Nuys, Calif.). De la Cruz won a 21-17 decision over Rodriguez in the semifinal match-up and will face Chazz McDowell (Mt. Vernon, N.Y.). McDowell won a 20-15 decision in his semifinal contest with Juan Heraldez (Las Vegas, Nev.) to move on to the final round match-up with de la Cruz.
In women’s featherweight action, Amanda Jones (Visalia, Calif.) moved on the championship bout with her first win of the tournament. Jones recorded an impressive second round stoppage of Brianna Babcock (Nampa, Idaho) in her semifinal bout. Jones built up a 15-point in the second round to force the mandatory stoppage. She will face Angel Harris (Columbus, Ohio) in the championship bout.

2006 Silver Gloves champion Hector Vasquez (Irving, Texas) moved one step closer to his second national title of 2006 in his semifinal bout with Juan Gonzalez (Phoenix, Ariz.). The two boxed in as close a bout as possible, competing to an 8-8 tie. Vasquez moved on to the final round on his 18-17 total punch count advantage. Javier Molina (Commerce, Calif.) continued his run through the tournament with a semifinal victory over Michael Perez (San Antonio, Texas). Molina defeated Perez by a 14-9 margin to advance to final round action.

Micaela Arce

(Reno, Nev.) advanced to her first championship bout on Friday afternoon with her semifinal victory over 2005 champion DeLisa Watkins (Columbus, Ohio). Arce won a 33-19 decision over Watkins in the bout to win a spot in the final round bout with defending featherweight champion Crystal Delgado (Houston, Texas). She will face defending champion Crystal Delgado (Houston, Texas) in the final round. Delgado won a strong 26-13 decision over Jessica Chambers (Tacoma, Wash.) in the semifinal bout to advance to her second straight final.
The light welterweight title bout will feature a bout between Gerardo Ibarra, Jr. (Houston, Texas) and Gary Russell III (Capitol Heights, Md.). Ibarra won a convincing 14-2 decision over KeAndre Gibson (St. Louis, Mo.) in their semifinal contest to earn a spot on title night. Russell won his third bout of the tournament by his closest margin of victory of the tournament. He recorded a hard-fought victory over Oscar Molina (Commerce, Calif.) in their semifinal contest, winning an 18-16 final decision. Russell is looking to become the second Russell brother in the past three years to win a junior Olympic title following Gary Russell Jr.’s light bantamweight championship in 2004.

In welterweight competition, Glenn Tapia (Pasaic, N.J.) moved on to championship night in impressive fashion, winning a third round stoppage over Carlos Andrade (Phoenix, Ariz.). Tapia stopped Andrade at the 1:12 mark of round three to take the victory. He will challenge David Garcia (Oxnard, Calif.) in championship round action on Saturday. Garcia won a 22-16 decision over LeAndre White (Detroit, Mich.) in semifinal competition to earn a berth in championship night action.

Luis Arias

(Milwaukee, Wis.) moved on to his first junior Olympic final with a 21-18 victory over Domonique Dolton (Detroit, Mich.) in the first light middleweight semifinal bout. Arias will battle Max de Leon (Dallas, Texas) in the final round bout. De Leon took the ring for the first time on Friday following a bye and walkover in preliminary round action. De Leon made up for lost time with a 17-2 victory over Gabriel Yellow Owl (Great Falls, Mont.).
Defending middleweight champion Dominic Wade (Largo, Md.) recorded his third stoppage of the tournament in his semifinal match-up with Michael Rauchut (Philadelphia, Pa.). Wade overwhelmed Rauchut, causing his second first round stoppage of the week and setting up a rematch of the 2006 Silver Gloves title bout. For the second time this year, Wade will face Issac Atencio (Denver, Colo.) in a championship bout. Wade defeated Atencio in the Silver Gloves final, but Atencio will be looking for retribution in Marquette. Atencio defeated 2006 Silver Gloves light middleweight champion Steve Greffard (Boca Raton, Fla.) in their semifinal contest, winning a 10-2 decision.

The stoppage string rolled into the light heavyweight division as David Galmore (Lake Charles, La.) won a second round stoppage over LaMarr Royster (Columbus, Ohio) in semifinal action. The victory moves Galmore onto a final round match-up with Marquice Weston (Tacoma, Wash.). Weston won a 14-3 decision over Stefanus Nash (St. Louis, Mo.) in their semifinal contest to earn his berth on title night.

2006 Aliyev Cup champion Keith Tapia (New York, N.Y.) moved on to championship round action on Friday afternoon, winning a commanding 25-4 decision over Armando Pina (Chicago, Ill.). Tapia will face Keith Hunt (Patterson, N.J.) in the championship bout on Saturday. Hunt won a 10-1 decision over Henry Perez (Bay City, Texas) in their semifinal match-up to advance.

The 201 pound weight class took the ring for the first time on Friday with two semifinal bouts. 2006 Silver Gloves champion Joseph Dawejko (Philadelphia, Pa.) won the first championship round slot with a stoppage victory over Ilmane Strong (Crowley, Texas). Dawejko will face Norman Neeley (Patterson, N.J.) in the championship round bout on Saturday. Neeley won a 17-9 decision over Tavan Sol (Baltimore, Md.) in the first bout of the tournament for both boxers.

The super heavyweights ended semifinal action in explosive fashion with two second round stoppages. Defending national champion Trevor Bryan (Albany, N.Y.) advanced to his second straight final with a second round stoppage of Alex Rivera (Desert Hot Springs, Calif.). He will battle Zakki Scott (Temple Hills, Md.) in the final round. Scott also recorded a second round stoppage in the semifinals, defeating Matthew Burgress (Tacoma, Wash.).

Final round action in all weight classes will begin at 11 a.m. on Saturday at the Northern Michigan University Superior Dome in Marquette, Mich.

June 30 – Semifinal Bouts
95 pounds: Favian Cervantez, Arleta, Calif., dec. Amir Iman, Albany, N.Y., 17-9
95 pounds: Darious Moton, Oxon Hill, Md., dec. Oscar Cantu, Kingsville, Texas, 16-7
101 lbs/46 kg: Louis Byrd, Denver, Colo., dec. Brandon Williams, Rochester, N.Y., 9-4
101 lbs/46 kg: Carlos Alcala, Haltom City, Texas, dec. Juan Thomas, Wailuku, Hawaii, 14-8
106 lbs/48 kg: Alexis Santiago, Phoenix, Ariz., dec. Daniel Lozano, Bowling Green, Fla., 6-4
106 lbs/48 kg: Randy Caballero, Coachella, Calif., dec. Kevin Rivers, Jr., Waldorf, Md., 20-14
110 lbs/50 kg: Mohamed Adam, Dearborn, Mich., dec. Raul Lopez, Bronx, N.Y., 6-5
110 lbs/50 kg: Andre Keys, Tacoma, Wash., dec. Paul Romero, Phoenix, Ariz., 9-7
114 lbs/52 kg: Samuel DiPace, Las Cruces, N.M., won on disqualification over Wade Bolton II, Charlotte, N.C., DQ-2
114 lbs/52 kg: Lamarkis Cowan, St. Louis, Mo., stopped Jerell Barbour, Tacoma, Wash., RSCO-2
114 lbs/52 kg/female: Alexandria Cardenas, San Angelo, Texas stopped Jasmine Springwater, Wichita, Kansas, RSC-1
119 lbs/54 kg: Ronny Rios, Santa Ana, Calif., dec. Christopher Avalos, Lancaster, Calif., 18-17
119 lbs/54 kg: Roberto Marroquin, Irving, Texas dec. Joseph Guerra, Las Cruces, N.M., 23-11
119 lbs/54 kg/female: Raelene Pineda, San Bernadino, Calif., dec. Deirdre Rhodes, St. Louis, Mo., 8-2
119 lbs/54 kg/female: Angela Bradford, Ft. Worth, Texas, dec. Tiffany Perez, Harvey, Ill., 30-16
125 lbs/57 kg: Manuel de la Cruz, Port Arthur, Texas, dec. Jesus Rodriguez, Van Nuys, Calif., 21-17
125 lbs/57 kg: Chazz McDowell, Mt. Vernon, N.Y., dec. Juan Heraldez, Las Vegas, Nev., 20-15
125 lbs/57 kg/female: Amanda Jones, Visalia, Calif., stopped Briana Babcock, Nampa, Idaho
125 lbs/57 kg/female: Angel Harris, Columbus, Ohio, won on walkover over Stephanie Santillian, San Antonio, Texas, W/O
132 lbs/60 kg: Hector Vasquez, Irving, Texas, dec. Juan Gonzalez, Phoenix, Ariz., 8-8 (18-17)
132 lbs/60 kg: Javier Molina, Commerce, Calif., dec. Michael Perez,San Antonio, Texas, 14-9
132 lbs/60 kg/female: Micaela Arce, Reno, Nev., dec. DeLisa Watkins, Columbus, Ohio, 33-19
132 lbs/60 kg/female: Crystal Delgado, Houston, Texas dec. Jessica Chambers, Tacoma, Wash., 26-13
138 lbs/63 kg: Gerardo Ibarra, Jr., Houston, Texas, dec. KeAndre Gibson, St. Louis, Mo., 14-2
138 lbs/63 kg: Gary Russell III, Capitol Heights, Md., dec. Oscar Molina, Commerce, Calif., 18-16
145 lbs/66 kg: David Garcia, Oxnard, Calif., dec. LeAndre White, Detroit, Mich., 22-16
145 lbs/66 kg: Glen Tapia, Pasaic, N.J., dec. Carlos Andrade, Phoenix, Ariz., RSC-3
154 lbs/70 kg: Max de Leon, Dallas, Texas dec. Gabriel Yellow Owl, Great Falls, Mont., 17-2
154 lbs/70 kg: Luis Arias, Milwaukee, Wis., dec. Domonique Dolton, Detroit, Mich., 21-18
165 lbs/75 kg: Dominic Wade, Largo, Md., stopped Michael Rauchut, Philadelphia, Pa., RSC-1
165 lbs/75 kg: Issac Atencio, Denver,Colo., dec. Steve Greffard, Boca Raton, Fla., 10-2
176 lbs/80 kg: Marquice Weston, Tacoma, Wash., dec. Stefanus Nash, St. Louis, Mo., 14-13
176 lbs/80 kg: David Galmore, Lake Charles, La., stopped LaMarr Royser, Columbus, Ohio, RSC-2
189 lbs/86 kg: Keith Hunt, Patterson, N.J., dec. Henry Perez, Bay City, Texas, 10-1
189 lbs/86 kg: Keith Tapia, New York, N.Y., dec. Armando Pina, Chicago, Ill., 25-4
201 lbs/91 kg: Norman Neeley, Paterson, N.J., dec. Tavan Sol, Baltimore, Md., 17-9
201 lbs/91 kg: Joseph Dawejko, Philadelphia, Pa., stopped Ilmane Strong, Crowley, Texas, RSC
201+ lbs/91+ kg: Trevor Bryan, Albany, N.Y., stopped Alex Rivera, Desert Hot Springs, Calif., RSC-2
201+ lbs/91+ kg: Zakki Scott, Temple Hills, Md., stopped Matthew Burgress, Tacoma, Wash., RSC-2

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