Danny Williams: Bedford Bear First Then It’s Valuev


30.12.05 – Danny Williams will tame the Bedford Bear Matt Skelton before he goes on the hunt for the Beast from the East Nicolay Valuev. Williams takes on Skelton for the Commonwealth Heavyweight title on February 25 at the ExCeL London and the winner could meet man-mountain Valuev, the new WBA World Champion, next.

The Brixton banger famously hired a ‘safari bus’ to go in search of Skelton in Bedford to bring him out of hiding after he refused to fight him following the collapse of their fight in July when Williams pulled out at the last minute citing flu.

Williams came back empty handed from his hunt but following his victory over Audley Harrison earlier this month, promoter Frank Warren made the fight between him and Skelton again to establish who is the best in Britain..

The Brixton puncher believes he has the tools to deal with tough-man Skelton who has stopped 16 of his 18 opponents early with his brawling style.

“Skelton does not worry me one bit. Why would I be scared of Skelton when Valuev makes him look like a little bear cub!” said Williams.

“Skelton is just rough and wild and needs taming and that is what I will do to him by mastering him with my boxing skill,”

“No matter how much he trains and practises, Skelton will never be able to box and will always be a scrapper who is barely able to string together a bunch of punches,”

“All he’s got going for him is his size and strength and he will try to do to me what he does in every fight by leaning, brawling and elbowing but I won’t let him do that because he will be chewing on my jabs.”

Despite an eight-round stoppage loss to then WBC Champion Vitali Klitschko last December, Williams is desperate for a second crack at the heavyweight crown and Valuev, the 7ft 2in, 23-stone, Russian is the one he wants.

He added, “I’m desperate for another shot at the world title and Valuev is the man I want,”

“The mans a freak of nature but I believe brain beats brawn every time and I know I can be the first man to stop him.”