Ruben Olivares vs. Carlos Zarate: What If?

21.10.05 – By Jim Amato: What if…Two of the greatest bantamweights from Mexico would have clashed in their prime? Let’s start with Olivares fresh off his second victory over the ever rugged Chu Chu Castillo. That victory avenged his only career defeat up to that time in his illustrious career. He also reclaimed the bantamweight title that he had originally won by stopping the game and talented Australian Lionel Rose.. Now let’s take the unbeaten Carlos Zarate who had just stopped the previously undefeated Alfonso Zamora in four breathtaking rounds. Although this was an over the weight match, Zarate, the WBC champion and Zamora, the WBA titleholder were for all intents and purposes meeting for bantamweight supremecy. Olivares-Zarate. So, who would have won?

ROUND 1- The taller Zarate starts off probing with his jab while Olivares is circling him. Ruben is able to jump in and land quick combinations. Zarate looks tight but he does get in a few hard digs to the body…Round-OLIVARES

ROUND 2- Ruben seems confident while Zarate can not seem to relax. Ruben is moving in and out and getting off with nice shots to the head and body…Round-OLIVARES

ROUND-3- Zarate is trying to pick up the pace but Ruben is just flat out giving Carlos a boxing lesson at this point. Zarate did land a stiff jab that drew blood from Ruben’s nose. An infuriated Olivares responded with his best shot thus far, a short left hook to the jaw that stung Zarate…Round-OLIVARES

ROUND-4- Ruben is moving less this round so there are more close quarter exchanges. Each boxer is ripping in savage body shots. Carlos lands a very hard uppercut that snaps Ruben’s head back. On the inside Zarate seems stronger…Round-ZARATE

ROUND-5- Ruben is on the move again. He is a pretty slick boxer when he wants to be. Zarate at times appears to be almost wooden in his movements. Still he keeps plodding along behind a forceful jab. Carlos is getting in some shots but Olivares is out landing him two to one…Round-OLIVARES

ROUND-6- Zarate’s corner has told him to take it up a notch and he does. He is pumping in hard jabs and he’s roughing Ruben up on the inside. Olivares has been able to land some solid counter shots on the more aggressive Zarate but it is not enough to win the round…Round- ZARATE

ROUND-7- Ruben looks as fresh as he did in first round. He is really throwing and landing punches in flurries. Zarate again seems confused but some how retains his composure. Ruben lands a left hook that knocks Zarate back but Carlos responds with a right that almost turns Olivares comletely around. Great action round. Best of the fight so far…Round- OLIVARES

ROUND-8- For the first time Ruben seems to be a little winded. Zarate senses this and becomes more aggressive. His jab is connecting more often and Ruben’s face is starting to show some damage. Easily Zarate’s best round to this point…Round- ZARATE

ROUND-9- Olivares comes out determined to swing the fight his way. He’s winging punches from all angles. A sweeping left hook rocks Zarate and sends him to the ropes. Ruben tries to take advantage but Zarate holds his ground and even lands a few bombs of his own. Best round of the fight…Round- OLIVARES

ROUND-10- Ruben is fighting like a man determined to close the show but Zarate is hanging tough. Little by little the Zarate jab is marking the features of Olivares. There is bleeding from the nose and the mouth. There are also slight nicks over each eye and some swelling. If this was a ten round fight Ruben would have won a comfortable decision even though he would look like the loser…Round- OLIVARES

ROUND-11- Zarate is starting to loosen up and let his hands go more. The Zarate body shots over the first ten rounds are catching up to Ruben. He has become more stationary and is being forced into some brutal exchanges. Each boxer has been rocked more then once in this round. They are now fighting on Zarate’s terms…Round-ZARATE

ROUND-12- Ruben starts quickly and lands a leaping left hook that drives Zarate to the ropes. Zarate answers with a ripping uppercut that buckles Ruben’s knees. Zarate is banging Olivares to the body. Olivares is wide with a steaming left hook. Zarate counters with a straight right and down goes Olivares. Ruben is smiling is he quickly regains his feet. Carlos and Ruben are back at it. Olivares is backing Carlos up but he is wild with his punches. Zarate connects with a short counter left hook to the temple and Olivares is down again. This time Ruben is clearly hurt as he arises to beat the count. The referee waves them on and Zarate forces Olivares to the ropes. Carlos unleashes an uppercut that violently snaps Ruben’s head
back. Olivares crumples to the canvas and the referee waves it off without a count.


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