Six Head’ plans to silence detractors

11.10.05 – By Steve Ninvalle: With four days left before he fights ‘Deadly’ Denny Dalton former world champion Andrew `Six Head’ is already within the junior middleweight limit. Lewis touched 153 pounds at his last weigh-in on Sunday and is promising this Saturday to be on par with the `Six Head’ who defeated James Page in 2001 to win the WBA welterweight title.

“The extra week did me good,” the former world champion told Stabroek Sport yesterday. “I was able to push in some more work which will mean more trouble for Dalton.”

Lewis meets Dalton for the vacant junior middleweight title of Guyana at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall on Saturday in the main event of a McNeal Enterprise/Roop Promotions card.

“I am just about the right weight now. We will concentrate on cooling down the pace in the gym for the days we have left,” the former world champion said.

On Sunday Lewis sparred a total of six rounds and will wrap up glove sessions tomorrow. On Sunday, watched by veteran trainer George `Canchie’ Oprecht, Lewis rumbled for two rounds with fellow junior middleweight Shawn Garnett then did a similar number with Winston Pompey and featherweight Linden Arthur.

“All the hard work is done and we are cooling it down now.

I feel good and want to fight.” The 34-year-old reiterated that a big motivating factor is that he knows that many people are anxious to see him lose.

“You know it too that many people want to see `Six Head’ get whipped. I never lost in Guyana and will never. People are against me for some reason but I’m confident and will not let that get me down. Their words will do me nothing and I plan shutting them by taking care of Dalton.”

Saturday’s card will be the first for Lewis, Guyana’s first world champion, in over two-and-a-half years while Dalton will be returning to the ring after a one-year hiatus.

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Boxing News Six Head’ plans to silence detractors