Q & A With Calvin Brock

30.09.05 – By Ike Enwereuzor: Calvin Brock is expected to return to action on November 19, 2005 in his hometown at Charlotte, North Carolina against David Bostice. We caught up with Calvin Brock at the Klitschko-Rahman press conference in Atlantic City, NJ. Here’s what the undefeated top heavyweight contender had to say about his upcoming fight with David Bostice for the IBA continental America heavyweight championship and more…..

Ike: Tell us about your upcoming fight with David Bostice?

Brock: I’ll fight in my hometown in Charlotte, NC. I think it should be a good show. Boxing fans must come check it out.

Ike: Your prediction for the Klitschko-Rahman fight?

Brock: I think Klitschko will win by knockout.

Ike: Describe your fight with Jameel McCline?

Brock: It was a fight where I upset the world. McClines people thought they would have an easy day but I proved them wrong. We put out the best and this has placed me in the top ten now. I thank God for that.

Ike: Lets talk a little about your amateur career here. You fought DaVarryl Williamson a few times in the amateurs. Please, tell us about those meetings?

Brock: It was a 3-0 against me. I was fighting at heavyweight 201lbs but I was having trouble with weight. He (Williamson) beat me all three times. Once I realised I couldn’t make weight any more I moved to super heavyweight, I never got beat again after that.

Ike: Your impression of Williamson now as a pro?

Brock: He’s a good fighter, decent power, boxes smart and comes in shape. He could walk away with the IBF heavyweight belt by beating Chris Byrd.

Ike: Your prediction for his fight against IBF heavyweight champion Chris Byrd?

Brock: I have strong feelings Williamson could beat Byrd if he’s fully prepared.

Ike: Who else did you box in amateurs that is doing well in the pro ranks?

Brock: I boxed with Antonio Tarver at Light heavyweight 1994, I was 19 years old then we fought for the regional and US Championships. He had more experience than myself, he was the returning US champion so he beat me.

Ike: What did you think of Roy Jones vs Antonio Tarver 1 & 2? And what’s your prediction for their next match, the third fight Oct.1?

Brock: I love Roy Jones jr style, he one of my favorite boxers but everybody has their time. I thought Tarver won both fights. He won first one by close decision but they gave it to Roy, the second time Roy got knocked out so I feel Tarver is on top of his game and may beat Roy Jones jr again unless Roy can prove us wrong this time around. I think it’s Tarver time.

Ike: What do you remember about your first professional bout?

Brock: I was so nervous with no head gear or shirt. The guy was a tall 6ft7 southpaw but I won by third round it was televised on Foxsports Network. Good for my career.

Ike: What do you want to tell your fans?

Brock: Calvin Brock will be the heavyweight champion of the world. Thanks for all your supports.

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