Who Has The Tougher Fight: Tyson Fury or Anthony Joshua?

“Deontay Wilder is more dangerous than ever in the Tyson Fury trilogy fight,” Andy Lee

“Oleksandr Usyk is the best boxer Anthony Joshua will ever face,” Tony Bellew.

Two rival heavyweight champions, each with an upcoming assignment that, if they lose, would very likely put paid to any chance of them ever facing one another in a colossal heavyweight unification showdown for the ages. Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, they both have their work cut out for them in their upcoming fights. Or do they? Who has the tougher fight: Fury against Deontay Wilder (fight-III), or Joshua against Oleksandr Usyk?

You’ve read what Andy Lee, co-trainer of Fury has had to say, and you’ve perhaps taken notice of what Tony Bellew, the last cruiserweight to have fought Usyk has had to say. But do you agree? We know how ultra-dangerous Wilder’s power is, that bomb of a right hand in particular, and with new trainer Malik Scott, Wilder has had a long, long time to train, to come up with a game-plan that will work against Fury. Wilder, 42-1-1(41) has had a long time in which to put right all the wrongs he fell victim of in the second fight with Fury (a fight that will be almost 20 months old by the time the two bitter rivals get it on in their three-match).

But is Wilder more of a threat to Fury than Usyk is to Joshua? If Wilder is a raw puncher who epitomises the old adage, ‘he always has a puncher’s chance,’ then Uysk, 18-0(13) is the polar opposite of that. The southpaw from Ukraine is no lethal puncher (certainly up at heavyweight), yet he is a magnificent boxer, arguably a master with a quite unique boxing brain. If Wilder poses the threat of putting Fury to sleep, Usyk poses the threat of leaving AJ outboxed, embarrassed and demoralised. Maybe.

The negatives.

Wilder is “too wild, too raw and too lacking in boxing skills to beat Fury,” so say many people, be they fans, experts, pundits, or fellow fighters. Usyk is “just too small to beat a juggernaut like Joshua, who will steamroll him,” so say many people, be they fans, experts, pundits, or fellow fighters. Both arguments are tough to, well, argue with.

In his fight, Wilder is attempting to reverse one of the nastiest, most complete and utter ass-kickings ever seen in world heavyweight championship history. In his fight, Usyk is going in with a man so much bigger, so much taller, so much more power packed than he is. Maybe a better question than the one posed in the above headline is, who has the tougher challenge: Wilder or Usyk?

Both Fury, 30-0-1(21) and Joshua, 24-1(22) are prohibitive favourites to win (on September 25 in Joshua’s case, and on October 9 in Fury’s case), and as such we will witness an upset if either champ is derailed. But is Wilder up to it? Is Usyk?

What do YOU guys think? Who has the tougher task, Fury or Joshua? And if it came to it, would YOU rather be outboxed and out-pointed, or punched out and laid out?

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  1. Deontay Wilder , we now see from modern technologically advanced cameras , was robbed in both fights obviously , overtly , audatiously , conclusively .
    Skewed media misinformation and fractionalization in voting machines have placed all America and everything in it on the auction block .
    Utter chaos ruled until the dust ultimately settled, there’s no way fury can ever roll over Deontay Wilder without cheating tactics .
    Pay the piper fury , or fight . No more extensions and postponements .
    Two years of running is over .

  2. Inferior UK champions, and inferior UK fans . ” Luis Ortiz is too old ,” ” Deontay Wilders scared .” Bunch of excuses and the fans say ,” yeah , he’s too old and scared . ” Punks , phonies and procrastinating , obstructive time wasters , get out of the way and stop pretending your the best .

  3. What kind of question is that ? Deontay Wilder obviously is so avoided , Anthony Joshua won’t fight Deontay Wilder , fury either and Whyte is all talk . All your UK heavyweight boxers are , Luis Ortiz and Deontay Wilder .

    • Tieing up the heavyweight division for many years because of fear of failure . Fight Luis Ortiz and Deontay Wilder loudmouths , phoney baloney fancy pants . And do it now as if it were urgent , all of this running around avoiding the best heavyweights .

  4. Excuses , excuses , excuses . Excuse after excuse after excuse , I will fight Deontay Wilder for 37 million dollars . What you running scared from boy ?

  5. John fury Pleaded guilty to Tyson cheating tactics in both fights and is currently running towards the nearest exit in persuit of both tyson and Anthony Joshua .
    He was overheard saying , ” when we avoid Deontay Wilder for the fourth time , Deontay Wilder will sue for breach and punitive damages . ” ” That’s fine with me I would rather pay 37 million dollars than be forced to scrape my son off of the canvas , “

  6. The history books are filled with these types of stories from start to finish . Made up as they go along .

  7. Luis king Kong Ortiz has never fought the top belt holders , that’s how good Luis Ortiz is . Second best heavyweight boxer over both fury and Anthony Joshua .

  8. Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua are bound to meet . How can the very top fighters go so long without fighting each other ?

  9. Any excuse is as good as another . Get out of boxing now fury , make up a real doozy , everyone will believe you but not I . I ordered you out of professional boxing and by God I mean what I say .
    Now .

  10. Deontay Wilder started boxing as an adult , Anthony Joshua started even later . These guys are smart , athletic , and wealthy enough to get good teachers .
    That’s why Anthony Joshua ducks Luis king Kong Ortiz , he wants to improve . Ortiz is big , strong , technically one of the soundest boxers in the division and he is a south paw .

  11. Anthony Joshua won’t fight anyone who he thinks may be able to defeat him . He will fight smaller , fatter , and Hearn’s attempts to make it look close .
    He won’t fight Luis king Kong Ortiz , and he damn sure isn’t going to fight Deontay Wilder . But Deontay Wilder vs Anthony Joshua is the fight everyone really wants to watch .

  12. Deontay Wilder is a one man wrecking crew . Especially now that he has had his character defamed , all sorts of slandering with malicious intentions , and discriminatory exclusion from equal protection within the law .
    He is the most avoided fighter in history .

  13. The only thing fury is good at is cheating tactics and drug use . He ha failed the drug test for every fight and has been allowed to participate with a post fight signed medical exemption form . He fights every time with street drugs enhancers . He has been the recipient of every advantage and exemption available , when there doesn’t exist , one is formulated to fit the situation .
    He can be knocked out ,, he has been knocked out , and it’s highly likely he will be worse than knocked out if he is stupid enough to fight Deontay Wilder . He is on drugs now there’s no random tests and there will be no obstructions at all ever to stop a steroid pumped up cranked up fury if and when he meets with Deontay Wilder .
    And it won’t be in the UK because the British boxing board of control has grown tired of this ogre’s violating the Queensbury rules of boxing .

  14. Fury vs Wilder is a close call for me, Wilder is a big wild puncher and that’s it but if he lands (but like any heavyweight tbh) lights out. Fury is a spoiler but he’s good at it and undefeated so you can’t knock him, if I were to get off the fence I’d say Fury.
    Joshua vs Usyk is a no brainer for me as Joshua needs to stop Usyk early as he’s known for being a slow starter, if he lets Usyk get to the fifth then he will just box him and give him a lesson. Everyone says he’s too small to be a heavyweight and I believe they said the same about Holyfield?

    • I agree with anonymous 2 , Wilder is much more than a big wild puncher that’s why his record is spotless recognized by the Canastonia New York international boxing Hall of fame as an inductee with 10 title defenses in 5 years .
      Anonymous 2 is absolutely correct when he says , ” you got to cheat the best heavyweight champion ever , ( Deontay Wilder ), to beat him .

  15. Wrestling , neck wrenching , tripping , holding hitting on the break , rabbit punching , fury does this all the time . Anthony Joshua would never cheat Deontay Wilder either .

  16. Who cares
    What’s his face doesn’t want to fight cause he got caught cheating . He is scared of Jesus Christ punishing him or something .
    By running he has admitted guilt , take all his money and let him go .

  17. Without steroids and cocaine bribery glove tampering and enhancement drugs, corrupt referees and Media and judges and spiking water , fury is at a significant disadvantage .

  18. Deontay Wilder is fury’s kryptonite . Deontay Wilder has been improving every fight , fury cheated with loaded gloves because he is afraid , he can’t hit hard , and his chin is weak .

    • That’s right ! A . J . Never fought Luis king Kong Ortiz . Neither did that other guy what do you call him Whyte and fury either . Can you imagine ? Luis king Kong Ortiz is so good that no one but the best will fight him . Wow !

  19. Deontay Wilder is a Canastonia New York international boxing Hall of famer with 10 consecutive title defenses in 5 years . That’s a fight every six months .

  20. It all depends how fury trains, really a pity the old man can’t be in the USA training camps,, as he would be on the ball if tyson takes his foot off the gas, still reackon he would come out tops in a street fight lol, end of the day tyson trains tyson wins, if not??????

    • Retire from professional boxing Tyson , why? Why did you use loaded gloves padding removal and metal objects in the glove to try and murder Deontay Wilder ?
      Now that Deontay Wilder has finally , after two years of legal battles , and evasiveness on the part of the ill preparedness of team fury , Deontay Wilder may hurt the loud mouth incompetent phoney baloney belt holder .

  21. Tyson Sweet Science The Gypsy King 👑 Fury will defeat Wilder and then he will defeat loud cocky fake London gangsta AJ that wants to be loved in America so bad he can’t handle it.
    he’s ah big corny mothaf***** that was born into wealth,
    Tyson Fury earned everything from scratch literally what AJ said about Ruiz Jr disgraceful he’s lying he was flat out whooped Andy Ruiz Jr can box..!!
    Fury will defeat AJ and take HIS BELTS BACK..!!

    • The belts never were fury’s , they got stripped from him ever receiving them because of cheating by the united kingdom boxing board of control . Klitschko sued for the contractual agreement under allegations of spiked water and won .

    • Yeah I think it’s going to be high action explosive fight I normally have an opinion but I truly think it could go either way what’s the punching power they both have if it goes the distance it goes to the gypsy

    • Deontay Wilder got robbed in the first fight and cheated in the second . Deontay Wilder by knock out ,all the way

    • Everyone now knows how fury cheated . He , ( fury ) , has lost all of the support worldwide and his legacy has been cemented as an interloping fraud , sadly the gig is up .

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