Manuel Gallegos Vs Richard Vansiclen: Start Time, Date, How To Watch

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Wednesday’s ProBox TV card will stream five fights, four of which feature undefeated boxers taking their biggest steps up in competition. The fifth is a fighter making his pro debut against a Harvard graduate that received a scholarship via their Undocumented Immigrant/Dreamers program.

The event takes place Wednesday at the ProBox Events Center in Plant City, Florida, and will be streamed live on and the ProBox app beginning at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT.

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Tickets, starting at $50, are available HERE Doors Open at 6 pm, First Bell at the ProBox Events Center is at 7 pm. The following are the fights that will be streamed live with fighter quotes.

10 Rounds Super Middleweights (170lb catchweight) Main Event

Manuel “El Meno” Gallegos, 20-1, 17 KOs Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico

Richard Vansiclen, 13-0, 6 KOs, Seattle, Washington

Vansiclen made his ProBox TV debut on September 9, his most recent fight, and came away with a unanimous decision win against his toughest opponent to date, Hakim Lopez, who was unbeaten in thirteen fights. Gallegos will be fighting for the first time outside on Mexico.  He had won his first seventeen pro fights prior to a unanimous decision setback in 2020, and has since won two.

RICHARD VANSICLEN played football in high school – punter, QB and safety.  Went to college and began boxing as a sophomore. His current trainer was also his college trainer. “We had a good camp. A few weeks got the call for this fight, but we had been training. I was gonna be on the Tszyu Charlo card. My opponent is tall and lanky and has had many fights in MX. I know he comes forward and likes to throw hooks and he has a good record.  He doesn’t use his reach to his advantage and likes to fight inside. He doesn’t like to fight moving backwards. I’m going to utilize my athleticism and connect on more devastating shots. My last fight (ProBox in FLA) was the furthest away from home I had been for a fight. But now that’s in the rear-view mirror and I want to win better than I did last time. From that fight I learned perseverance and just being myself and landing shots and being confident.”

MANUEL GALLEGOS – “A month ago I got the call for this fight.  I’d been working out for a February 8 fight then was advised this is better opportunity.  I was inactive for some time due to covid then had a hard time finding fights. There are not many Mexicans in Mexico in my weight class. I know he’s a tough fighter and a southpaw which is always difficult but we have been training for southpaw so it shouldn’t be a problem. We have found some fighters in other gyms same size as Vansicle and southpaws. In the fight that I lost I felt very weak due to making the weight. It was supposed to be at 160 then when I got there they said 154. I agreed because I thought it would be easy but turned out not so. In the last year packed on some muscle and also had a growth spurt.  On Wednesday, I will use my reach and try to avoid letting him get inside.”

6 Rounds Middleweights Future Stars TV #4

Darelle Valsaint, 6-0, 5 KOs, 2020 Tokyo Olympian, Orlando, Florida

Lucas de Abreu, 14-2, 11 KOs, Former Brazilian Champion, Sau Paulo, Brazil

Valsaint made it to the quarter-final in the 2020 Olympic games and has become a ProBox TV staple, having fought three of his six professional fights on the platform. His last three fights have been against tough competition – opponents with records of 12-1, 6-1, 23-2, a rarity for such a young fighter. De Abreu won the Brazilian super middleweight title in 2019. He most recently fought for the World Boxing Association Fedacaribe super middleweight title, losing a decision.

DARELLE VALSAINT: “I’ve been fighting right but I’ve been switching up. I am both. I write with both hands; I throw a ball with both hands, and I shoot a basketball with both hands. At the beginning of my career, I was orthodox but I broke my right hand when I was 13 then learned how to box southpaw. And do everything else left-handed also. I recently changed my diet and been eating right.  Drinking a lot of water and eating fruit.  It has given me more speed. This fight was supposed to happen in December, but I was having some back problems. Turns out that doing some strength and conditioning and cutting out dairy and other bad foods and staying hydrated got me all better.  Chicken and veggies so now I am pain free. The back problem definitely hit me that I had to get right. This is a step up for me. I want everyone to say, ‘who is this guy coming up at ProBox.’

Garry Jonas PoBox TV CEO: “The plan is to fight him 6 times this year – make up for some lost time – then he should be ranked in the top ten.”

LUCAS de ABREU: “I was getting ready for a December 16 fight that got cancelled then I got the call for this fight. The last fight I lost was a good fight. It was very tight, and it was in his back yard. What I learned in that fight is that I can go ten rounds no problem – I had good strength and conditioning.  I also learned when you go in another’s backyard, I need to get the KO. I consider myself a boxer that also has punching power. My favorite boxer in Juan Manuel Marquez and I also like him as a commentator. I don’t know much about my opponent – I know about myself and my work and what I need to do to prepare myself. I have confidence to win the fight. I need a KO and I am very happy for this fight, and I hope to represent my family and my trainers to do my best when I get in the ring.”

6 Rounds Super Middleweights Future Stars TV #3

Najee Lopez, 5-0, 5 KOs, Atlanta, GA

Cristian Rios, 23-16-3, 7 KOs, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The heavy-handed Lopez made his pro debut as heavyweight and has yet to be involved in a professional fight going to the scorecards. His fights have ended in rounds 1, 2, 2, 4 and 3. As an amateur, Lopez was 2015 National Junior Olympics Champion, 2018 Georgia State Golden Gloves Champion and 2018 National Golden Gloves runner-up. Lopez will have his hands full going up against the rugged and experienced Rios, the former Argentina Federation middleweight champion who successfully defended that title twice.

NAJEE LOPEZ: “I started as a heavyweight and fought heavyweight in amateurs. I am now taking food health and nutrition seriously. My last fight was at 186 and the one before that 192.5.  I was really fast at heavyweight now I am faster. I had power then and I feel I haven’t lost any while at these lower weights.  I feel more in shape. I feel like I got sharper. I have speed and power and use whatever is needed for that particular fight. Worst part of having a broken jaw? Not being able to fight.  I shadow boxed. I know that Rios doesn’t press the issue. He’ll back up into the ropes then shoot.  He flicks the jab, and his footwork is good but it’s nothing we can’t handle.  I’ll take my time and throw a lot of jabs then take him out.”

CRISTIAN RIOS: “I’m going to fight in short distance.  I usually fight at middleweight and walk around at 171.  I was not feeling well for that fight (lost by stoppage). I waited for four hours to weigh-in waiting for the opponent to show up.  He would have never beat me if it wasn’t for that wait. I have been training in Boston since December. I work as a machinist in the railroad in Argentina. I fight because I like it. My job will give me up to a year furlough to train and fight. (Must be good at his job). I’ve seen a couple of his fights – he’s good – I need to keep the fight in short distance, that is the key to victory.

6 Rounds Super Featherweights Future Stars TV #2

Marques Valle, 7-0, 6 KOs, Wesley Chapel, Fla

Jarrod Tennat, 8-1, 4 KOs. Los Angeles, California

Valle made his pro debut on September 4, 2020 with a first round knockout and has since fought every fight at ProBox Events Center on ProBox TV. In. his first six fights, only one made it past the first round (round 2). In his seventh fight, and most recent, the opponent was disqualified in round two for excessive holding.

JARROD TENNAT:  For this fight I trained at Main Street Gym in Houston, but I am from LA. I just saw a little clip of my opponent. The long lay-off I had was I got a job as a radiographer.  My one loss? It was a DQ. He was holding me and the ref was telling him to stop – for the third time – and he wouldn’t then I threw him off me and he hit the ground and acted like he was hurt and couldn’t continue. I’m happy for this opportunity. I haven’t seen much on him I will just go in and do what I do, which is good defense and stay on the inside as much as possible.  When inside, he is taller, so my punches will get there faster than his.  Good head movement and make him miss and make him pay.

4 Rounds – Middleweights – Opening Bout

Derek Cintron, Pro Debut, Tampa, FL

Dario Guerrero, 1-2, Harvard Graduate, Long Beach, CA

DARIN GUERERRO:  “I am a Harvard graduate. I studied film making. I was undocumented so Harvard was the only one to give me a (dreamer) scholarship. My mom got cancer, so I left college for a year, after my freshman year, and took a camera home to document her story then it became my thesis. It’s called ROCIO – you can Google it if you want to see it. I never boxed until I got to Harvard. For this fight I know I have had to prepare to my utmost. I watched his amateur fights.  He is fast and has some power, so my objective is to box.”


Weigh In Results

10 Rounds Super Middleweights (170lb catchweight) Main Event

Manuel “El Meno” Gallegos, 168.8 lbs. 20-1, 17 KOs Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico
Richard Vansiclen, 169.4 lbs. 13-0, 6 KOs, Seattle, Washington

6 Rounds Middleweights Future Stars TV #4

Darelle Valsaint, 162.8 lbs. 6-0, 5 KOs, 2020 Olympian, Orlando, Florida
Lucas de Abreu, 163.4 lbs. 14-2, 11 KOs, Former Brazilian Champion, Sau Paulo, Brazil

6 Rounds Super Middleweights Future Stars TV #3

Najee Lopez, 172 lbs, 5-0, 5 KOs, Atlanta, GA
Cristian Rios, 171 lbs. 23-16-3, 7 KOs, Buenos Aires, Argentina

6 Rounds Super Featherweights Future Stars TV #2

Marques Valle, 154 lbs, 7-0, 6 KOs, Wesley Chapel, Fla
Jarrod Tennant, 154 lbs. 8-1, 4 KOs. Los Angeles, California

Derek Cintron, 171 lbs. Pro Debut, Tampa, FL, Opener
Dario Guerrero, 169.4 lbs 1-2, Harvard Graduate, Long Beach, CA