Wladimir Klitschko Wants The Contract Signed, But States Team Povetkin Has Issues

wladimir67“The contract has not yet been signed because there are still too many not agreed upon clauses in the contract. At this moment there are still too many questions, to which team Povetkin has no answers. All the answers from our side have already been taken care of. There is good communication between us, but when it comes to the official talk, all of a sudden there are questions. I hope that we can solve all the issues and finally sign the contract. If not, we will move forward without Povetkin,” stated Wladimir Klitschko.

I am assuming that the questions and issues that Wladimir is referring to are the drug testing and the financial agreement. Of course K2 promotions is looking to get the bigger cut of the money pie, as they should. The drug testing issue also has numerous ways of being solved, ways that would clearly work for both sides. So what is holing up the fight? Is one side trying to avoid fighting the other?

This fight must happen for various reasons, but most importantly, the fans have been waiting, and now that it has reached a point of signatures, the problems must be solved and the fight must be announced. Otherwise, a huge fan base and an even bigger payday for both fighters will simply evaporate.

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