With Pacquiao vs Mayweather Rematch In December, Khan And Brook Only Have Each Other

Superstar Floyd Mayweather has caused quite a stir by announcing how he will fight fellow great Manny Pacquiao in a huge return fight this December. With this news Mayweather has also removed any chance of British stars Amir Khan and Kell Brook facing the Filipino icon in a super-fight or dream fight this year.

As fans know, Brook and Khan were hoping to face Pac Man, possibly in a big stadium fight, this December. The two former champions who seemingly despise one another were even arguing over who would get to Pacquiao first. Khan said he would literally jump at the chance of a “career defining” fight with his former team-mate, adding how “Brook can wait.”

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But now it seems Khan and Brook have no one else but each other. In terms of a big, big money fight, one that would net each man a few £million if not a bit more, there is just one option now: Khan and Brook fight each other. It’s that simple. Both men are, in the opinion of more than a few fans and experts, ‘damaged goods’ – Khan because of the number of wars he has had and because of his ever-dodgy chin, Brook because of the damage he has had inflicted on his facial bones in two of his last three fights.

The future for both men now looks to be clear: fight each other, settle your long-running differences, cash out and then get out – as in retire, while still in good health, undamaged.

Promoter Eddie Hearn has wanted to make, and still wants to make, the Khan-Brook fight big time, and even after all these years, the fight still has legs. Khan says he wants to become world champion again, and maybe, maybe, if he fought Brook and won, he would get himself a shot at a major belt. But Brook seemingly craves just one thing: the chance to flatten his countryman.

Will this one FINALLY happen now that both men really do seem to be fresh out of other options? It really does seem to be the only big fight left that makes sense for both guys.