Wilder and Fury Both Happy With Tonight’s Gloves!

Wilder Says Both Fighters Will Have “Little-To-No-Padding”

It wouldn’t be a big fight without some sort of an issue, some sort of an argument, some sort of a dispute, ahead of fight time. And with all the stuff Deontay Wilder has accused Tyson Fury of (and is still accusing him of) – using ‘loaded gloves’ being most prominent – it was no shock at all that Wilder and his team would have some sort of an issue with Fury’s gloves before tonight’s three-match. But now, as per a tweet from Michael Benson, Wilder is happy to go.

“I’m very happy with what’s going on with the gloves. Since they wanna have little-to-no padding, we’re gonna have the same. May the best man win,” Wilder said.

If Wilder loses badly tonight, these words may come back to haunt him in as much as he will not be able to blame the gloves for his defeat. As for the little-to-no padding, well, we can scratch that – both men will be wearing standard, commission approved gloves, with the usual standard for padding, etc. But Wilder is, for now at least, happy. Wilder is also ready to go. Calm (perhaps like never before), the 35 year old former WBC champ has appeared to have not let any of Fury’s taunts and threats get to him.

But it’s what’s going on on the inside that counts. Wilder may LOOK cool, calm and collected, but is he really? We know what Fury’s all about: he is full on full of fire and, as he let us all know during yesterday’s X-rated weigh-in, where Fury was even more foul with his language than before prior fights, Fury wants to inflict real harm on Wilder.

With both warriors all set to be gloved-up and ready to rumble in a matter of hours, all that’s left now is to sit back (if you can), relax (if you can) and enjoy what we all hope will be a great fight. No excuses this time! This is, Wilder says, ‘the final chapter.’

Who are YOU picking?