Whyte Still Crying Foul, Says He “Twisted Two Ligaments” In His Foot After Fury’s “Illegal Push”

11/22/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

Dillian Whyte, who was stopped in six rounds by Tyson Fury back in April, is still insisting he was fouled in the fight, this when defending WBC heavyweight champ Tyson Fury “illegally” pushed him over. It was a split-second after Fury detonated his right uppercut to Whyte’s chin that “The Gypsy King” helped Whyte on his way to the floor with a shove. At the time, nothing much was said about the shove, certainly no fans were screaming controversy.

But Whyte, who will begin his latest comeback on Saturday against Jermain Franklin, is insistent that he should have been given a chance to try and carry on after Fury pushed him down; the fall seeing Whyte twist two ligaments in his foot. Whyte did beat the ten-count, with the ref waving the fight off.

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“I think the fight obviously got stopped too early,” Whyte said in speaking with Matchroom Boxing. “It’s boxing, you get hurt. I’ve been down in fights before and obviously you get back up and obviously I got hit with a good shot. He pushed me over. When he pushed me over I ended up f*****g twisting two ligaments in my foot. The Boxing Board didn’t follow the rules as well because if you go down, after the bell they’re not allowed to stop the fight. They’re allowed to send you to your corner, send the doctor to intervene if you beat a ten-count. They didn’t do that they just stopped the fight, which is a big, massive breach.”

It’s not clear what, if anything Whyte feels can be done about the fight and its result all these months later. If Whyte felt he had a strong case for complaint, he should have lodged one immediately after the fight. He didn’t. Fury did shove Whyte, as plenty of other fighters have shoved and otherwise got rough with an opponent in fights (think of the famous George Foreman-Joe Frazier fight in January of 1973, when Foreman both shoved Frazier AND hit him in the back of the head during those two brutal rounds).

Maybe Whyte is simply trying to build himself up mentally ahead of his ring return, this by telling us, and himself, that he wasn’t beaten in a fair fight back in April. When in reality, he was. Simply put, there is no way the result – Fury TKO6 Whyte, will be changed.

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