While Pacquiao And Spence Refrained From Trash-Talk, President Duterte Lays Into Manny: He’s Punch-Drunk

07/13/2021 - By James Slater - Comments

Manny Pacquiao and Errol Spence were both full of respect and admiration for one another during the recent presser to officially announce their August 14 fight. No trash-talk was evident, no crass insults were exchanged, instead, the two fighters behaved like the fine sportsmen they are. However, Pacquiao has been, and is currently engaged in, a war of words with a foe from another arena – the political arena.

Fans know all about Manny’s other love, his other passion, and there is a real chance Pacquiao will not only run for president of his country once he finally hangs up the gloves, but that the senator may actually win the race. Current president Rodrigo Duterte has not taken Pacquiao’s allegations of corruption in the Philippines government kindly, and he came out with a scathing attack on the 42-year-old fighter/politician yesterday.

Speaking on his weekly Covid-19 update broadcast, Duterte said Pacquiao is “punch-drunk,” and he urged his listeners to look up the term in the dictionary.

“That is the work of……I have a term for that, it is not mine, I just borrowed it, but I think Pacquiao is punch-drunk, punch-drunk,” Duterte said. “And I leave it up to you. I think he is. To be talking about ten billion from nowhere, that is a statement from a guy who is punch-drunk.”

Strong words from Duterte, who is obviously angry over the way Pacquiao has alleged so much money, supposedly for pandemic aid purposes, has gone missing. But punch-drunk? Pacquiao, as we all know, looks (and sounds) in terrific shape. Indeed, Manny has recently been leaving us all in awe with his public work-outs, his speed and agility truly remarkable for a man of 42. Of course, ANY fighter can suffer from the effects of taking too many punches, but Duterte knows something we don’t know if he insists Pacquiao is indeed punch-drunk.

The political world can be just as nasty, just as tough, just as brutal as the boxing world. Duterte is certainly pulling no punches. Let’s see what, if anything, Pacquiao says in response to this damaging claim.

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  1. The president knows manny is to famous and will replace him of his president position so ofcourse he’s gonna say anything negative he can think of to try and win just think back to when Donald trump was in office. If he did well he still was terrible if he messed up he was still terrible lol politics is grimy.

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