Joshua Clottey Repeats His Offer, Says He’ll Fight A Rematch With Manny Pacquiao For Free

07/13/2021 - By James Slater - Comments

Back in March of 2010, rock-solid welterweight Joshua Clottey fought superstar Manny Pacquiao, and how the warrior from Accra, Ghana let everyone down, himself included, by failing to let his hands go. It was a bad showing from Clottey and he knew it – and it still bothers him over a decade later. Back in 2019, Clottey offered to fight Pacquiao in a return fight, with him taking no fee at all.

Now, speaking with Citi TV, Clottey has repeated his offer:

“The manager (I had then) did not help us but he should have done. He was getting 33 percent including the pay-per-view and he made almost 1.9 million dollars just for that one fight,” Clottey said. “I told him to take just 25 percent of the fight as well as the pay-per-view and give me eight percent out of your cut. He refused to do it all all these issues were weighing down on my mi d. If I didn’t have all these issues going into the bout I would have been able to wear down Manny Pacquiao. He throws a lot of punches and with my blocking and hitting ability. I would give him problems. If he will give me a fight today I will take it for no money. No money, no pay, absolutely zero I will fight him. It is because I want to restore my name.”

Thete seems to be just about zero chance of this fight happening, despite Clottey’s generous offer. Pacquiao has of course got his big fight with Errol Spence, and who knows if the 42 year old living legend will box again after that. 43 year old Ckottey, 41-5(24) last boxed in September of 2019, when he stopped Azizi Mponda in Akropong. Clottey has had a number of excuses for his poor performance in the Pacquiao fight.

Indeed, Clottey seems to he practically desperate to fight Pacquiao again, so as to be able to redeem himself. But again, though you never know for sure, it seems Pacquiao-Clottey II will not happen – slim and none and all that. Clottey had his big chance in 2010 yet for whatever reason or reasons, he never fully opened up and gave his all in an effort to win the biggest, most high-profile fight of his career (after the fight, when kindly affording this writer a telephone interview, he attributed his dire effort to a stomach bug “a runny tummy,” is how Joshua put it).

Clottey had shown ahead of the Pacquiao failure that he could really fight and maybe this us the real reason he feels so bad about what happened all those years ago. What do you think – does Clottey deserve a chance to put things right so long after the fact, taking no money home if he flops again? And will Pacquiao have any interest at all in a return meeting with “The Grand Master?”

19 thoughts on “Joshua Clottey Repeats His Offer, Says He’ll Fight A Rematch With Manny Pacquiao For Free”

  1. Oh so you us to believe you, you mess up big time i was at the match grounds after the match u were interviewed and you said something about the food you eat now you’re blaming manager my friend better go look for something better to do don’t come through dust into the eye of the people

  2. I didn’t see that Fight, Maybe U Should Start from Scratch, And fight who ever your Manager Find fits for you, and then If the World See you in A very High Spot , You will Find Many Big Names come Knocking on your Doors, Am not Gaining or loosen anything for a good advice. Good Luck Sir !! By the way in the time been now , Stay working out with lots of Training…!!!

  3. Excuses, Excuses, ala Roy Jones-Tarver 2 ! He had EVERY OPPORTUNITY to PROVE Himself in his “(Only ” Golden” Fight/opportunity ! Shamefully, like many others, he now “Feels Ready” for a 42 year Old Pacquiao !

  4. Why not work your way through the ranks and fight the best? Pacquiao did that after he lost to Mayweather…and that’s why he’s fighting the best today. Yeah if you believe that you can beat Pacquiao then you should be able to get past everyone else who is waiting for that opportunity.

    • He was a xery talented fighter that myself and many others thought he looway under performed and didn’t fight to his potential, that said not sure even his best would have beaten Manny. But personally would love to see a rematch

  5. Sir, do yourself a big favor. Why fight Manny? Go fight the current BEST. Don’t be like Floyd !

    • Agreed 💯. He just waisted the chance for a life time and now calling again Manny for free? For now, a lot of people doesn’t even know who he is😂😂😂


  6. He is a coward! He had the Biggest name in boxing give him a chance on the world stage. And because he was SO worried about being on a highlight reel he never came in with an intention to fight. Now after years later your finally ready to fight. NO! You had your chance. Live with the fact that you were paid handsomely to fight and never delivered. Your a disgrace to boxing. If Clottey does read this comment and doesnt like it. Then go hide like you did in the pacquiao fight. Your a coward that is your legacy now!

  7. Why is this even considered news?!?
    Nobody wants to see a rematch. Pacquaio is getting ready to retire soon and is going out with a bang fighting the best of the best.

  8. I been a fan of boxing for a very long time and honestly the only person that cares about a clottey rematch vs manny is him and probably only him :( he didn’t make no noise the first chance he had whenever he and manny were both prime. Now no one wants a over the hill fighter to fight anymore cause sometimes reality is a tough pill to swallow for everyone at some point in everyone’s life and this is one of those times. No disrespect but I don’t think a lot of people watched the first fight so I highly doubt they wanna see a rematch lol

    • Joshua clottey there’s no way to rematch of manny Pacquiao. Why ? Clottey is already out of global boxing ..He don’t have name anymore. Pacquiao fights only who’s the best and big names in boxing ring. Clottey considered as AMATEUR boxer only. Crazy. Ha ha ha ha

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