What Next For Conor Benn?

Welterweight contender Conor Benn got the win last night over a very defensive-minded Adrian Granados, even if it wasn’t the exciting, explosive fight he was fully prepared for. Benn, who improved to 19-0(12) admitted after winning the wide ten-round unanimous decision that it had been a “frustrating” encounter. Benn, like his famous father before him, loves giving the paying fans great action fights. It wasn’t Benn’s fault last night’s fight was something of a disappointment.

But Benn moves on – Eddie Hearn said last night that Benn will fight again in December -and rest assured, there will be more exciting fights to come from the 24-year-old. Who might it be next for the welterweight star in the making? It’s no secret Hearn very much wants to make a Benn vs Adrien Broner fight. Might “The Problem” agree to come over to the UK (a substantial payday luring him in) to get it on with the still-improving Benn?

Benn is determined to both fight for and win a world title. Would a big win over Broner move Benn significantly closer to his goal/goals? Would Broner also take a defensive, survival approach if he fought Benn, or would the former four-weight titlist come in and slug it out with the fighter he would very likely consider to be a veritable novice compared to himself?

We fans would obviously like to see the latter scenario unfold, and if it did, Broner might come closer than ever before to getting stopped. Or might Broner stop Benn? Say what you want about Broner, but this potential matchup is a good one.

Let’s see who Hearn manages to get for Benn in the final month of the year.

5 thoughts on “What Next For Conor Benn?”

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  3. Amir Khan wants to cash in – he won’t face the dark destroyer! I’d like Thurman , broner, Garcia , Porter !! Porter will give Benn a good test – and so will Keith Thurman .

  4. I think Benn should fight Amir Khan, Broner even Keith Thurman and knock any of them out. Tired of the expert talkers.

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