Muhammad Ali wants Mayweather to fight Pacquiao

Much of boxing made a mistake underestimating the capability of the underdog champion to beat a pound-for-pound god. Floyd Mayweather Jr. must have realized he committed an equally big mistake handpicking the Argentine assault guru, Marcos Maidana.

Heavy favorite Mayweather lost yesterday many times over and in ways more than one even though the bias opinions didn’t reflect the judgment and cards didn’t read the way it should. However, Floyd’s poor performance in the fight didn’t cause him less a superb boxer in my estimation because I never was ever blinded by the facade and shows in the past like the jerks. I remain a fan and admirer of Floyd’s wizardry in the ring. Maidana was not underrated. It was Mayweather who was overrated by the normally jerk “experts.” And for them, it was well worth it as they all cry a bucket now and ask “bakit” (why).

Watching the fight for the first time and on replay this morning, I have come to conclusion that, if the tussle was between Maidana and any boxer other than Mayweather, the decision and “consensus” would have been different. And that no rumble could have occurred in the MGM arena which caused injuries to people inside due to stampede.
Such is the high-profile boxing match when fought in a “squared circle.”

Therefore, the sport has to oppose an immediate rematch of the bout unless the fans intend to forgo the Super Fight since Mayweather would likely be routed by Maidana in a rematch. And since the scenario would definitely redound to diminishing the luster of the “Pacquiao vs. Mayweather” and lessening the public’s craving for the said matchup.

On the contrary, the result of the “The Moment” show would reinforce the already loud and popular clamor for the Mega Bout to happen soon. And it’s great that heavyweight legends Muhammad Ali and Lennox Lewis added their voice to the world chorus shortly after Maidana’s beating of the odd’s makers and idolatrous predictions.

“Honestly, the only fight I want to see for Mayweather is Pacquiao.” – Lewis

“Congratulations Floyd Mayweather. Maybe after you rest up, we can see you rumble with Manny Pacquiao.” – Ali

Finally, that’s truly The Moment.