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Imagine prime George Foreman vs prime Larry Holmes?

This is the debut edition of the Dream Fight series, and a hypothetical fantasy match-up between Big George and The Easton Assassin is one that actually has an interesting backstory. The 1970s and 1990s are widely viewed as two of the greatest decades in heavyweight boxing history. Amazingly, Foreman and Holmes were each elite level heavyweights during various points in both the 1970s and the 1990s. And yet for various reasons the fight never happened.

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The closest it came to becoming a reality was when Foreman would have been 50 and Holmes 49. In a bout that would be billed as “Battle of the Aged” – Foreman and Holmes had agreed to square off on January 23rd, 1999. Foreman was to receive $10 million, Holmes was slated to earn $4 million, and each fighter received a nonrefundable down payment equaling 10% of their respective guarantees. But the promoter missed the deadline to fulfill his financial obligations, and after trying to reschedule for March 27th – the remaining money never materialized, and the fight was off.

Foreman is a 2-time heavyweight world champion. He defeated Michael Moorer in a shocking upset in November 1994, where Foreman regained the heavyweight crown more than 20 years after he had lost it against Ali. In doing so he had become the oldest heavyweight champion in history, a record that stands to this day. Larry Holmes reigned as champion from June 1978 until September 1985, and during that stretch he made 20 consecutive title defenses. In the long rich history of the heavyweight championship, only the great Joe Louis had a longer streak of consecutive heavyweight title defenses.

So who would win a Dream Fight between prime George Foreman and prime Larry Holmes?

This edition of Rummy’s Corner will attempt to answer that question, while providing a quick look back at some of the tremendous achievements of Big George and The Easton Assassin. For one man’s opinion, please watch and enjoy the video.

20 thoughts on “Video: George Foreman vs Larry Holmes – Boxing Dream Fight”

  1. Hey, Sleepy Joe😴 how can what I typed be the dumbest thing you ever heard, you can’t hear what a person type,if your going to insult someone,at least do it intelligently.Boxing is a young man’s game,stick with golf over at the senior center.

  2. George matured as fighter, boxer, endurance, technique, Holmes didn’t. George by decision.

  3. Holmes wins by 8th round KO shades of Zaire Big George runs out of gas same as he did with Ali and feather fisted Jimmy Young..Forman wanted no parts of the feared Earnie Shavers or Roy Williams, Larry man-upped to both of them,Shavers twice!! Oh almost forgot about the Ron Lyle fight Big George out of gas there too almost got Knocked out there too.

  4. Holmes wins by 8th round KO Big George runs out of gas like he did against Ali and Jimmy Young.. Big George wanted no parts of Earnie Shavers or Roy Williams..just like a lot of other heavy weights of the day, Larry man- up against both of them..Shavers twice!!!

  5. Larry Holmes would have destroyed Big George and knocked him out in the 8th round. Too much speed for George.

  6. I have to agree. He couldn’t knock Michael Spinks out but he would KO Big George. Yeah, right.

  7. Stop. Foreman would have destroyed Larry. Only reason Larry looked as good as he did is simple. Wasn’t very many good contenders when he boxed.

  8. Larry Holmes all the way. Too scientific, great jobs, stamina, movement, plus a devastated right hand. Holmes in 6 or seven rounds

  9. In my mind I have done that match years ago and I to picked Holmes because he used his legs and his jab. Another match in my mind was Tyson vs Foreman and all I can say is who was hitting the hardest in there prime, which again if I could pick after round 5 my choice would be easier.

  10. Foreman, while amazingly powerful, is too slow and ponderous. Larry would rise from an early knockdown and cruise to a fairly easy unanimous decision.

    • He wouldn’t have risen from that knockdown. If he did, George would have been on him like a fly on a pile of crap.

  11. Larry Holmes,too fast,too much stamina, educated feet,he would ko Foreman in 7.💯% facts!!

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