Video: Deontay Wilder tells Tyson Fury: “I don’t respect you”

In the much-talked-about, the immediate aftermath of last Saturday’s fight, WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury was rebuffed by Deontay Wilder when came over him after their fight was halted in the 11th.

Fury recoiled in anger when Wilder greeted him coldly, and he head ushered away by Deontay’s team.

Understandably, Wilder (42-2-1, 41 KOs) wasn’t in the best mood, having just lost his trilogy fight with Fury (31-0-1, 22 KOs) by an 11th round knockout at the T-Mobile Arena.

Besides feeling the effects of all the punishment he’d absorbed, Wilder may have still been digesting what had just happened to him. It was a lot for Wilder to take in.

At that moment, a triumphant Fury came bouncing over, extremely happy and wanting Wilder to enjoy his good fortune. As you would expect, Wilder wasn’t in the same buoyant mood and made it clear that he wasn’t going to give Fury the respect that he craved at the moment.

The exchange between Fury and Wilder immediately after the fight:

Wilder: “No love. No love.”

Fury: “Never mind, love, there’s respect. You got beat fair, and square tonight, that’s it. I respect ’cause I’m a man.”

Wilder: “No love. I don’t respect you. I don’t respect you.”

Fury: “I’ve never cheated in my life. I play fair and square. He’s got a bad hatred towards me; I don’t know why. But let me tell you, he lost like a man tonight, put me down three times. I put him down four, great heavyweight fight.”

You can understand why Wilder wasn’t feeling happy enough to be a good sportsman when Fury came up to him. Wilder may have already understood that his rivalry with Fury was now over, having lost for the second time and there would be no fourth fight between them.

“What a fight, it was an amazing trilogy,” said Mikey Garcia to Boxing Social in reacting to the Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury 3 fight. “I think the fans can accept and see that Fury is the best.

“I expected Wilder to be great, and he did; even though he got hurt, he came back and fought. He dropped Fury twice. What more can you ask for from the man?

“He did everything, but in the end, Fury is the better fighter, better boxer, and got the stoppage. Big congrats to Fury. He proved to everybody who he is and who the better man is.

“I was excited to finally see the match-up again, and what else can you say? It was a tricky match-up. I did think this was a much better fight. I was not happy with the second [Fury vs. Wilder] fight.

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“I always felt that there was something wrong with Wilder. Maybe he had a bad training camp; maybe he was sick.

“There were a number of variables that could have happened that led to his poor performance in that second fight, but in this third match-up, it was more than anybody could have expected,” said Mikey Garcia on Fury’s win over Deontay.

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  1. Wilder is a little late with his kind words…. Unless he was still knocked out on his feet, sitting on the stool in his corner, he’s still a dirtbag. He’s had excuses since the first fight ended in a Draw, which arguably Fury won. Deontay has now been knocked out twice in a row at the hands of Fury. Get over yourself. Ali lost, Joe Louis lost, Mike Tyson lost. Be a man in defeat or get out of the sport.

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