Tyson Fury: ‘Deontay is going to need help after I crush him again’

Tyson Fury believes he will shatter Deontay Wilder mentally when he destroys him in their trilogy match on October 9th. Fury has recovered from COVID-19 that caused the postponement for the previously scheduled July 24th fight with former WBC heavyweight champion Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs).

Unless something else unforeseen presents itself, Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) will be defending his WBC heavyweight title against Wilder on October 9th.

Fury thinks Wilder is having a hard time mentally after losing last year by a seventh round knockout. That might be wishful thinking on Fury’s part, as Wilder looks very motivated in training with new coach Malik Scott.

From the looks of it, Wilder is training to use movement to avoid falling to the ropes as he did in the second fight a year and a half ago. Fury’s comments about seeing a shattered Deontay are likely more gamesmanship to try and get in his head.

“Mentally, he’s a broken man. I destroyed him last time in seven rounds, and I will ruin him quicker next time, inside five,” said Fury to the Daily Mail on his trilogy with Deontay.

“He knows that if we fought ten times, I’d win ten times. Deontay is going to need help after I crush him again.”

Fury has been out of the ring for a long, long time, and at his age, the inactivity can ruin a fighter. The guy Fury was last time he fought Wilder in 2020 may be gone forever.

So all this talk about beating Wilder 10 out of 10 times, maybe just bluster and wishful thinking on his part.

We already know that Fury couldn’t beat Wilder the first time around in 2018, and he lucked out with the referee, choosing not to stop the fight when he was knocked cold in the 12th.

This week, Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Boxing said that he doesn’t believe the Fury-Wilder III fight will happen on October 9th. He’s expecting it to be postponed again, but he’s not saying why.

Hearn was correct in predicting that the July 24th scheduled fight between Deontay and Fury wouldn’t happen. But Hearn believes something entirely different from the COVID-19 illness excuse Fury came out with to explain why he couldn’t fight Deontay on July 24th.

Hearn says it was poor ticket sales behind the postponement, and he’s not sure, but he thinks he might have had a hard camp with his sparring partners.

Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury boxing image / photo

“I took the advice from the best doctors in the USA. Everything we did was above board,” said Fury about his Covid illness. “I stayed isolated for two or three more days than their max recommendation.

“I took the pictures [with boxing ans] because I was so pleased to be out in the sun,” said Fury.

The fans pretty much think Fury’s COVID-19 illness was fake and that he came up with this as an excuse to give himself more time to train and to get a restart on ticket sales.

It’s great that Fury is saying there were 15,000 tickets sold for the previously scheduled July 24th date, but no outside official is verifying that.

For that reason, you got to take what Fury says with a grain of sale and realize that it helps him if he says there were 15,000 tickets sold. What we do know is if the Wilder-Fury fight fails to happen on October 9th, you’d have to assume it’s because of poor ticket sales.

If Fury wants to sell this thing, he needs to get out there in the U.S and start marketing the trilogy bout with Deontay because it will need all the help it can get.

9 thoughts on “Tyson Fury: ‘Deontay is going to need help after I crush him again’”

  1. This coming from a man that fled the country because he was getting his @$$ beating in sparring… news got out he got ko’d in sparring twice then next day he has RONA spare me… the whole world will be watch his gloves and see if he’s on roids… because he is a CHEATER THATS KNOWN

  2. Wilder just does not have the skills and will take a beating unless he gets lucky with a shot. If you look at Wilder’s record it’s filled with low ranking fighters. If wilder truly wants to win he has to fix his skills but he won’t listen to anyone and keeps blaming his heavy costumes rather than his skills which had been camouflaged by his power and weak competition.

  3. Truth of the fight/fights is Fury is the better boxer! Wilder have the power though to end the fight showed it in the first fight. The person the write this article is mixed on a few thing like fury is old when he’s the younger fighter. I looking forward it being a great fight hopefully no body gets seriously hurt 🤪😎

  4. “…at his age, the inactivity can ruin a fighter.” What utter horse sh!t. Fury is younger than Wilder who has been inactive the exact same amount of time, and is coming in off the back of an absolute hammering.

  5. Gamemanship,, that is what all his opponents have claimed his talk was…twice Deonty Wilder has claimed it about Fury.

    This third time he dared not say it to his face, he came out saying he will be saved by grace,, but he himself was the giant who was taken down.

    It seems to me he is superstitious one, believing the third time is the “charm”.

    But when the hard surface is pulverized, all that is left of a charm is the bubblegum to be chewed and popped.

    …and the stick of plastic tubbing.

    It may be the end of boxing as we know it.

  6. Who can take articles of this nature seriously? Obvious pro-Wilder propaganda this is. The fact is that Wilder got mauled last time out and then proceeded to give a gizillion excuses as to why he lost. Which excuse was the real one?

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