Tyson Fury wants Francis Ngannou in cage after October 28th fight

By Jeff Sorby - 09/07/2023 - Comments

Tyson Fury says he wants to fight Francis Ngannou in the cage if he successfully defeats him on October 28th in their 10 round professional boxing match in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Fury believes he’s got good enough striking ability to get to Ngannou to take him out before he gets the opportunity to start wrestling him.

Fury also states that if he doesn’t face Ngannou in the cage, he wants to take on UFC champ Jon Jones.

It’s possible that Fury’s goal behind floating the idea of fighting Ngannou & Jones in the cage is to lure MMA fans into purchasing his October 28th fight on PPV, as it’s going to be shown on TNT Sports Box Office and ESPN+ pay-per-view.

“I’ve watched a few of them. If he hits you, he’ll hurt you just like Dillian Whyte, just like Dereck Chisora, just like everybody I’ve fought. They’re all big punchers, and they’re all coming to win,” said Tyson Fury to Top Rank Boxing about his opponent Francis Ngannou.

“He’s getting 20 times his highest payday for this, and if he beats me, he secures his grandkids forever,” said Fury, making it clear there will be a rematch with Ngannou if he loses. “One, I’m getting paid a hell of a lot of money. Two, two worlds are colliding. I’d like to fight Ngaannou in the cage.”

Stephen A. Smith: “Tyson, we know what kind of power Francis has that if he catches anybody, because of me because he’s not a natural boxer per see. He’s going up against the best on the planet in a boxing ring. Why should anyone think he’s going to have any kind of chance against you?” said Smith to ESPN.

Tyson Fury: “Because it’s a heavyweight fight, and anything can happen in heavyweight boxing. Francis is a very powerful guy. Hopefully, he doesn’t land that against me because I’m not going to be his meme. I’m turning Ngannou into a meme.”

Smith: “You haven’t fought since December 2022. If there’s one complaint about you, it’s activity because a lot of people would like to see you fighting a lot more than you have.

“Once this fight is over is it retirement, or do you have Anthony Joshua in your sight or somebody else? What’s next for Tyson Fury after this fight assuming that you do what most people expect which is to win.”

Fury: “When I get this fight own, I’m looking to fight big, big stars. Next on the list is Jon Jones. I’m going to kick his a**.”

Smith: “That’s a UFC fighter, Tyson.”

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