Tyson Fury: I’m a BUM if I don’t beat Deontay Wilder

Tyson Fury says he doesn’t see WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder as having good boxing skills. In fact, he views his ability as poor, and he says if he loses to him on February 22, then he’s a bum.

Fury (29-0-1, 20 KOs) has zero doubt that he’ll beat Wilder (42-0-1, 41 KOs), and capture his WBC title. If Fury does beat Wilder, he’ll likely have to try and do it again later this year due to there being a rematch clause in the contract. Although Fury would like to face IBF/WBA/WBO champion Anthony Joshua, he probably won’t get a chance unless he beats twice in a row.

Fury won the IBF, IBO, WBA and WBO heavyweight titles in 2015 in beating Wladimir Klitschko. After the win, Fury’s life fell apart with him settling into a life of eating rich foods, and no longer fighting.

Wilder has the boxing ability of a bill filler – Fury

“Like I always say, I’m a very brutally honest guy, and I cannot tell lies,” said Fury to Top Rank Boxing. “Even though I’m trying to sell this fight massively, this guy has got the boxing ability of a six-round bill filler with a massive punch,” Fury said of unbeaten heavyweight champion Wilder.

“If Tyson Fury does not beat Deontay Wilder, then Tyson Fury is a bum,” said Fury. “I tell you that now. I ain’t no lineal champion, and I ain’t no great shake. If I can’t beat Deontay Wilder, then I’m a bum. I’ll say that.”

Fury is going to have to be mindful of Wilder’s right hand, because if he lands that should, it could be all for ‘The Gypsy King.’ Tyson can’t get too caught up with devaluing Wilder as a fighter, and forget that all it takes with him is one shot to win. If Fury gets hit with one of Wilder’s right hand bombs, it won’t matter that he’s not the greatest boxer. He’ll still win. The superior boxer doesn’t always win unfortunately.

‘The Gypsy King’ Fury willing to travel

Even though I’m the ranked #1 lineal champion of the world, and beaten the longest reigning champion of our era, I have to go on the road and I’m doing it again,” said Fury to Top Rank Boxing. “How many times must ‘The Gypsy King’ travel. It doesn’t make a difference to me if I have to fight in someone’s backyard or in my own country, I’m a fighting man.

“That’s what I do, so I’ve got to do it again,” said Fury in pumping himself up. “Come back to the U.S to do it again. These fights should happen. Whoever’s the best at their weight should fight each other, and whoever is the best is the best. I’m not afraid to lose in a fight.

“What I’m afraid of is not having the fight define me as a person and as a man,” said Fury. “I could never look at my career and say I’m the best without fighting the best in my era. So I’ve been a world champion, but I want to be considered the best fighter in my era in my time,” said Fury.

If Fury beats Wilder on February 22, then maybe he’ll be the A-side, and he can force him to come to the UK. It probably doesn’t matter. Wilder will be just as dangerous no matter where the fight takes place. They need stage the third fight where it can make the most money. If that’s the U.S, then that’s where it’ll be.

Fury: This is a very winnable fight for me

“I believe today’s eras are going back to the 70s and 80s of all the great rivalrys of Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Joe Frazier and Ken Norton,” said Fury. “All those guys. We’ve got that type of crop of heavyweights today. I believe this is going to be one of the types of heavyweight fights to remember.

“You’ve got the Rumble in the Jungle, the Thrilla in Manilla, these are the type of heavyweight fights I remember from back in the day,” said Fury. “There’s no if’s, but’s or maybe’s. Tyson Fury DOES win this fight. I never look at a fight and think ‘WHAT IF?’ I always think, ‘Yes, I can.’ I’m being very true and honest to myself.

“This fight is a very winnable fight,” said Fury. “Let’s face it; Deontay Wilder, great champion as he is, he’s made 10 defenses of his belt. He’s equalled the likes of Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali and Vitali Klitschko. He’s in great company at the moment with 10 defenses,” said Fury on Wilder.

This is a winnable fight for Fury, as long as he doesn’t get dropped like last time. Wilder says he’s going to be throwing punches down the middle this time rather than the looping ones that Fury did a good job avoiding. It won’t be as easy for Fury to block shots straight down the middle from Wilder.

Likewise, Wilder wants to throw right hands into Fury’s midsection this time. Can Fury take a hard right hand from Wilder to the body? Wilder didn’t throw any body shots last time he fought Fury. If he goes to the body this time, it could be interesting to see how Fury reacts.