Tyson Fury feeling “terrible’ in training camp for Deontay Wilder fight

By Michael Collins - 10/04/2021 - Comments

After nearly two years out of the ring, Tyson Fury feels “terrible” finishing up his training camp for his October 9th trilogy match with Deontay Wilder.

Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs), with the help of coach SugarHill Steward, has put him through torture in getting ready to defend his WBC heavyweight title against the upset-minded Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

When you’ve been out of the ring for almost two years, enjoying the millions that you’ve made in the sport, there’s a tendency to struggle when you finally return to action. If you’re mid-30s like Fury, it’s even worse.

You don’t know what you’re going to get from Fury, but if you listen to him and his dad, John, it will be easy work for him against Wilder. If Fury loses, we’ll get a chance to see how he and John handle the defeat.

We heard excuses from Fury when he fought Wilder to a 12 round draw in 2018. In the aftermath of that fight, Fury made it a point to mention that he had to lose a lot of weight and had been out of the ring for a long time.

If Fury loses to Wilder on October 9th, it’s predictable that he’ll mention that he hadn’t fought since February of last year.

Tyson Fury feeling "terrible' in training camp for Deontay Wilder fight

“I feel terrible, absolutely terrible. But if you did an eight-week training camp and you were just winding down, and you feel fantastic, you didn’t do it right,” said Fury to the Daily Star.

When you factor in that Fury has two training camps for this fight due to him supposedly getting COVID-19, he’s had more than enough time to prepare. He was supposed to fight Wilder on July 24th, but he pulled out, complaining of having COVID.

The fight was then postponed to October 9th, giving Fury an additional three months to train. Now, if he’s still not ready for any reason, there’s not much you can say other than he needs not to fight his rematches next time around.

Fury could have gotten this fight with Wilder out of the way earlier this year, if not late 2020, if he didn’t try to swerve it by attempting to walk away from the rematch clause.

“If you brutalize your body for eight weeks, training twice a day, six days a week, getting battered to bits in sparring by four or five different guys at a time, if you feel great, then you’re a bionic human being,” said Fury.

“And in a week’s time, I will feel fantastic.”

If Fury’s body is still worn down by the time he faces Wilder on October 9th, I’m sure he’ll let the fans know. Ideally, Fury will take the high road and not use an excuse should he lose.

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  1. Think the journalist has an issue with Fury so instead of writing it go and say it to him face to face

  2. I will show you all plenty of fights where the gloves flop around and the knuckles are clearly visible through the leather gloves.

  3. It’s not so much they want a white champion because they had Klitschko and he wasn’t very much accepted in America. They don’t want another Mohamed Ali and nevermind a Jack Johnson.

  4. And Deontay Wilder reminds folks or Mohamed Ali cause he is a black fighter and over the top outspoken.
    Anthony Joshua and Joe lewis type of nonthreatening personality

  5. I heard that it was Mohamed Ali that ruined it for black heavyweight champion contenders. The boxing establishment didn’t like Mohamed Ali. And they don’t wanna see another one like him again.

  6. You’re behind the times, sure fury had a lotta help becoming the undeserved belt holder. He even admittedly confessed to it yesterday. For what ever reason rich, short, fat white men want a heavyweight champion that is white. And those same white men are still there smoking their cigars and doing things that promote erectile disfunction. Maybe that’s why they want a phony champion.

  7. More time on the canvas over and over again than on is own two feet fury did in the first fight when he kept getting up and getting up over and over again.

  8. Everyone knows that everybody knew that Deontay Wilder was hit with metal loaded gloves with the premeditated approval by the referee, the judges and the sanctioning Body’s ,the regulating entities and the press. How or what evidence supports the idea of a bunch of homosexual adrenachrome psychopath’s . Their mothers must be pretty low down.

  9. I am not the one who has cast aspersions on fury, the British boxing board of control has suspended permanently fury’s boxing license. This is a historical legacy of the cheating tactics documented evidence compiled by the law. It’s not me at all.

  10. The use of a Shillelagh in the ring is cheating tactics and that’s what fury used , a Shillelagh in the form of an eggweight loaded left glove

  11. Pretty certain this article is essentially racist. If Wilder pulled out because of covid, you’d have kissed his arse. But because the more competent combatant is a white man, you make aspersions that his covid diagnosis is bull. You’re a dirt bag apologist, Michael Collins.

  12. Steve,
    East side boxing censored my comments so I am out of here, I was continuing to explain what happened with the glove tampering. They blocked my comments before a long time ago so I quit logging on to the platform. Still,. Eastside is the best platform around.

  13. Fury didn’t doctor his glove. They just left them loose enough that he could slide his fingers out, make a fist and punch with the palm where there is no padding. You can see him doing it in slow motion mode, you watch the glove flop backwards, then see the palm strike the side of Wilders head, his fist is in there.

  14. I swear to god,.Allah, and Budda! You white people are crazy!
    For clarification, I am a white man . Ha ha ha ha ha.
    This covit19 cancelled a fight, two days later fury is tripping the light fantastic, doing the boogaloo on the dance floor at three in the morning ha ha ha ha ha. And looking stupid , just have a look at his face ha ha ha.
    You’re killing me with laughter ha ha ha.
    And John fury. He’s doing an interview,” I haven’t seen Tyson in weeks, I talked to him on the phone.”
    Suddenly Tyson comes around the corner behind John. And John continues,” Tyson his own man, if I ever see him I tell him, you’ve got people around you blowing smoke up your arse.” John still doesn’t see Tyson and continues” but who am I?”

  15. I’m in compliance with the approval of fury’s cheating allogations. Even Maricio Suliaman president of the WBC said one would have to be stupid to think that those gloves were tampered with refusing to investigate and to comment.

    • You got any Sources???you do know both trainers/ handlers and WBC officials were there when the hands were wrapped and the gloves were put on it’s been that way since Margarito got caught..Tyson’s camp must know magic tricks

    • Yeah, what source? Do you have? Do you have proof Maricio Suliaman president of the WBC owns the company that custom build the gloves for fury? Can you provide sources that Maricio Suliaman was sponsoring fury?

    • Do you have any sources who are willing to testify in a Court of law that fury shut off the camera and punched the wall until the horse hair repositioning advantage of bare knuckles clearly visible through the leather glove?

    • Can you provide sources that the British boxing board of control saw through fury’s magic tricks other than they banned fury forever? And ever after?

  16. If fury.poped.dirty he should have his boxing license suspended permanently. The British boxing board of control did just that in the UK. The suspension is an indefinite suspension,.forever.

  17. When fury opposes to Deontay, the bronze bomber, Wilder, he will not be able to make excuses, so he is trying to make them.all now.
    We won’t let him. You loaded your gloves for the second fight and cheated.
    Now we’re going to see what would happen if you hadn’t.

  18. Luckily the two fights in one year previously had fury well prepared for the first fight with Deontay Wilder.

    • Kenny Bayless, the convicted referee for the Antonio margarito vs Miguel Cotto plaster of Paris scandal was.quoted as saying fury always test positive for steroids and is still allowed to participate in the fights.

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