Tyson Fury brags about out-smarting Usyk’s manager Alex Krassyuk

03/14/2023 - By Michael Collins - Comments

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury congratulated himself today for outsmarting Oleksandr Usyk’s promoter Alex Krassyuk by getting him to agree to a 30% deal for his fighter for their still un-signed April 29th fight at Wembley Stadium in London.

Acting as if the fight is a done deal,  which it isn’t, Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs) crowed like a prize rooster about having gotten Krassyuk to agree to the 70-30 split, which he never expected would be accepted after he gave Usyk a “take it or leave it” offer.

Fury feels that because Usyk accepted the low offer, it means that Krassyuk is the worst manager. However, from Usyk’s side, they obviously know Fury is out of shape, hasn’t been training, and doesn’t have enough time to get in 100% condition in six weeks for the April 29th.

This isn’t a mediocre Derek Chisora, or Dillian Whyte Fury will be fighting at Wembley Stadium. This is an Olympic gold medalist, former undisputed cruiserweight champion, and the conqueror of Anthony Joshua.

Fury isn’t going to beat a fighter like Usyk on six weeks’ notice, particularly when he doesn’t have his trainer SugarHill Steward in camp yet. That means Fury isn’t training yet. He seems more focused on losing weight, and he’s got a lot to lose, judging from the recent photos of him. He’s as big as his father, John Fury.

According to Usyk’s manager Egis Klimas,  if Fury’s team moves the fight date for any reason, the purse split will revert back to the original 50-50, and they can forget about the 70-30 that they’re getting now.

What this means is Fury is going to have to try and beat Usyk, carrying a lot of fat and likely no more than 60 to 70% conditioning, which might not be enough because he’s not going to be able to lean all over him as he did against Derek Chisora, Dillian Whyte, and Deontay Wilder because he’s a mover.

Krassyuk says the deadline for the negotiations is this week, but it’s likely that he’ll extend it if need be.

“Alex, Usyk’s manager, you sausage. Borat wants his voice back you f***ing bum. You’ll get what you’re getting, don’t worry. You’re the worst manager in history; got your fighter to accept 30%, you bum dosser.”

“Ha-ha-ha, you’re not that clever, are you, you bum? You got outwitted by a man who never went to school in his life. Sausage! Keep talking. Your boy’s going to get smashed, and he’s going to be beltless like the other bum, AJ. Come on! Rule Britannia, mother f***r.”

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