Tyson Fury Asks Fans If They Want To See Him Box Francis Ngannou; With UFC Gloves

01/06/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

As fans may have read a few days back, UFC heavyweight champ Francis Ngannou is determined to try his hand at boxing, against a big name. So much so that Ngannou says his new UFC contract will have to contain a clause that permits him to box. Ngannou mentioned Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder as fighters he wishes to test himself against.

And now Fury, who has no next fight set at the moment, has put out a mock poster on social media, where underneath he asks the following question:

“Who would like to see me fight this beast boxing rules, UFC gloves?”

Already, the tweet has generated plenty of fan response and interest. Could this fight actually happen? We all know Fury is the kind of guy who likes to do whatever he wants (he’s taken on board wrestling as we know) and maybe, if the money talks loudly enough, this latest attempt at a boxing Vs. MMA match-up would result in not only a hugely hyped fight but a darn good fight also? Maybe.

But can Ngannou actually box? Would the man-mountain (who has his next UFC fight set for the end of January) be better off taking on a lower-level heavyweight before getting in there with an elite fighter like Fury? Imagine if Ngannou took on a Top-20 type guy and levelled him in electrifying fashion. The demand for Ngannou to get in against a top-tier heavyweight would likely grow.

Fury is as we know coming off that thriller of a win over Wilder in their third and (most likely) final fight. No deal has yet been made between Fury and Dillian Whyte, while the big one everyone wants to see, in Fury against the Oleksandr Usyk-Anthony Joshua rematch winner, is some months away. So who knows, maybe, if there is sufficient interest and buzz (and enough cash of course), Fury and Ngannou will indeed hook up this year.

And you know you’d watch this one if it did go down, don’t you!