Trainer Eddy Reynoso would welcome Ryan Garcia back

05/04/2023 - By Michael Collins - Comments

Trainer Eddy Reynoso says he’d welcome Ryan Garcia back in his gym to resume training him following the news of him firing his previous coach Joe Goosen after his knockout loss to Gervonta Davis last month.

It would require that Ryan swallow his pride and be humble to return to Reynoso, and it’s doubtful he’ll be willing to do that.

Reynoso would be strict and want Ryan to follow his instructions instead of doing what he pleases, which some feel is why he failed to improve under Goosen’s watch.

Some people criticize Ryan because he just wants to work on his left hook 100% of the time and nothing else and hits the pads with his little brother Sean. He hasn’t developed his right hand or improved his defense.

Ryan had been previously trained by Reynoso but switched to Gooseen following his tougher-than-expected battle against Luke Campbell in 2021. Campbell dropped Ryan in the second round and likely would have knocked him out had he jumped on him right away.

Reynoso trains Canelo Alvarez and Oscar Valdez. Those guys are highly accomplished and work hard in the gym, following instructions and not fiddling around, showing off. Ryan might be out of place again in that gym because he’d be expected to work hard and focus on what he’s being told.

If he’s disengaged and unable to concentrate on what’s being told to him by Reynoso, he won’t last long in that gym before he moves on again, looking for a coach that lets him do what he wants.

“I think Ryan could have given a better performance, from what we had worked in the gym together during our time,” said trainer Eddy Reynoso to Fino Boxing about Ryan Garcia and his recent defeat against Gervonta Davis on April 22nd.

Yes, the doors are open. I’m a professional,” said Reynoso when asked if he would accept Ryan Garcia back to his gym to train him once again.

“It’s my job to prepare fighters to battle, and I will train any fighter. We’ll just have to take notes and make sure it’s beneficial for both.

“He learned to use the left hand, good footwork & maintaining his distance. That’s something we always worked on. Him maintaining the distance. It’s very difficult to beat him when he uses that.

“He lost his distance, and that’s where Tank Davis capitalized.

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