Timothy Bradley Is Convinced That Pacquiao’s Fire Is Gone, Forever

In a recent sit-down for Face-Off with Max Kellerman, Timothy Bradly had more to say to Pacquiao, than Manny to Max or Timothy.

Quiet and humble Pacquiao was a man of few words, being humble and respectful of his opponent. He made no promises or threats, letting Bradley do all the talking.

After Kellerman asked Manny if the fire is still there, and whether he is capable of bringing back the old Pacquiao, Manny replied he thinks that indeed he can, and that he will pray to god to for the strength needed to prove to his naysayers that he is still a force to be reckoned with.

Bradley, addressing Pacquiao himself, assumed the Filipino boxer that he is absolutely sure that the fire has now burned out, and that Manny can do nothing to bring it back, ever. Informing Pacquiao that he is a great fighter, Bradley simply stated that it was now his time, and without a knockout, Manny was not going to come out a winner.

April 12 is just around the corner, and as the day gets closer, boxing fans are starting to develop their predictions. A victory for Pacquiao is important for two reasons, both equally important.

First, Manny needs to prove that he can still be as aggressive a he was back in the day, and that he is able to defeat top opposition. Unfortunately by claiming a victory against Rios, aside from a paycheck, there was nothing else gained by Manny.

The second reason this victory is a must, is to become the man to face the winner of Alvarado vs. Marquez. If Pacquiao beats Bradley in their upcoming rematch, it is no doubt that Manny will be rooting for Marquez to get past Alvarado, so that the two can once again, look each other in the eye across the ring, right before the bell rings, telling the two that their long traveled rivalry is far from over.

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