The best value for money warrior you might not have seen fight (yet): Jamie Conlan, back in action July 16th

If you have not yet seen unbeaten super-flyweight warrior Jamie Conlan fight, do yourself a favour, stop reading this article and search out as many bouts from the Irish fighter’s pro career as you can – his absolute, have to be seen to be believed battles with Junior Granados and, in his last fight, Anthony Nelson especially.

Fast becoming known as the best all-action, constantly value for money fighter in the sport today (high praise, but Conlan is worthy of it) – “The Mexican,” as Conlan is officially nicknamed, has been given another nickname by a number of boxing writers, that of “The Irish Arturo Gatti.” Like Gatti, Conlan loves to fight, he shows his emotions in battle and he has an absolute ton of heart that can be relied upon to pull out the victory when all seems lost.

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Conlan, 16-0(10) and the reigning Commonwealth super-fly champ, is now looking at a world title shot (and if this gutsy, thrilling fighter is not afforded a shot, in this day of multi world title belts, something is seriously wrong). As brave as he is and as far as he has proven he is willing to push himself in the ring, success at the top level cannot be ruled out for the 29-year-old. Next up, Conlan will face a TBA on the July 16 Cardiff Ice Rink card headlined by Guillermo Rigondeaux-Jazza Dickens and the timing of this return is quite a surprise in itself seeing how tough a fight Conlan had with Nelson on April 30th. Conlan – like Gatti – picks up cuts and bruises in almost every fight he has, and it was thought by some that he would take a longer break than less than three months between the Nelson war and his next bout.

But Conlan wants to stay as active as he can, is clearly not worried about the two cuts his suffered to his eyes last time out, and again – he loves to fight. Fans love watching him fight and if you are not among his growing fan base, chances are you will be – should be – soon. It staggers the mind how big Conlan might become if he does manage to win a world title.