Teofimo Lopez Sr. Scorches Crawford: “He’s Running Scared”

By Will Arons - 02/20/2024 - Comments

Teofimo Lopez Sr. roasted Terence Crawford in an interview on Monday, saying he’s “running scared” of his son, Teo.

Lopez Sr. says Crawford losing to Teofimo would haunt him, leaving him with PTSD and giving him nightmares of his experience. He states that Crawford would wake up in the middle of the night, screaming Teofimo’s name.

Thus far, Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) has shown no interest in induldiging Teofimo’s request for a fight, and that match doesn’t look like it has much chance of happening. If Crawford moves up to 154, the only way he would likely consider fighting Teofimo is if he filled him up there.

Teofimo isn’t expected to do that because he’s having problems beating fighters at 140. He looked awful in his recent title defense of his WBO 140-lb title against Jamaine Ortiz and was lucky the judges gave him a decision win.

Crawford’s Fear and The Specter of Defeat

“I don’t think Crawford wants anything to do with my son. His career is going to be over. That’s how he feels,” said Teofimo Lopez Sr. to Punsh Drunk Boxing about his belief that Terence Crawford is avoiding Teo.

“My son destroying him. He [Crawford] thinks he’s King Kong. Him losing to my son would be a disgrace. He wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. It would be a nightmare. it would be like him coming back from Vietnam, seeing all that s*** that you see in those wars.

Tyson Connection and Cowardice Allegation

“He’ll be waking up in the middle of the night, ‘Teo, where are you, Teo?’ To me, Crawford is a guy like Mike Tyson. Remember when he used to say he was scared, an old lion, walking into the ring. Crawford is scared to death. You know why he’s scared to death? He doesn’t want to have that L.

Lopez Sr. labels Crawford “scared to death” of losing and insists fighters like Crawford prioritize remaining undefeated above true competition and risking that coveted zero in the loss column.

“He knows my son has got a good chance to give him that L, and that’s all they care about is losing. They don’t want to lose.

“My son always goes for the top dog. He’s in the game to fight the top dog. Terence wants to go three weight divisions to fight Canelo. My son just wants to go one weight division,” said Lopez Sr.

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