Spence vs Crawford AND Fury vs Joshua This Year?

Both super fights have been “agreed,” and now we fans are hoping the pens come out and the two fights get signed, sealed and delivered. Terence Crawford-Errol Spence AND Tyson Fury-Anthony Joshua, in the same year; both taking place within the space of just two weeks? It seems to good to be true, and the pessimists say it IS too good to be true. But things are certainly looking good for both fights, with just the final paperwork to be dealt with. These recent developments have, however, see us come the closest we have ever been to seeing Crawford-Spence and Fury-Joshua become reality.

Both fights have been on the wish-list of many a fight fan for some time.

A showdown between welterweight kings Errol Spence and Terence Crawford is of course a massive fight, between two unbeaten champions, both of them pound-for-pound stars, with both men very possibly future all-time greats (certainly future Hall of Famers). In fact, could Spence Vs. Crawford perhaps be the biggest fight that can be made this year? Maybe. Of course, the big heavyweight fights always seem to top anything else the sport can offer, and maybe a Fury-Joshua clash will trump a Crawford-Spence showdown in terms of bigness, if not in terms of great fight action.

If you asked a fight fan, which ONE fight would he want to see most of all this year, and it’s likely he or she would reply Crawford-Spence, or Fury-Usyk, or Fury-Joshua. It just might be that we get to see two of these fights here in 2022. And what an end of the year bang it really will be if both mega-fights come off – the welterweight dust-up in Las Vegas on November 19, the heavyweight blockbuster in Cardiff, Wales on December 3. The heavyweight fight will be all about power and strength, although Fury and AJ can both box. With the welterweight fight, the sheer skill on both sides would be nothing short of tremendous. Both Crawford and Spence are brilliant boxers, with speed, cunning, spite, sheer desire and utmost belief there to be marvelled over. This fight, it’s been said, could be the biggest and greatest welterweight fight since the 1981 epic between a peak Sugar Ray Leonard and a likewise Thomas Hearns (which, interestingly enough, took place 41 years ago today).

And this is not just hype without foundation. Crawford can bring out the absolute greatness in Spence, and Spence has it in him to do the same thing to Crawford. Fury and Joshua have a rematch clause set to be included in the contract, and maybe the Crawford and Spence fight will also have a rematch clause in place? It could actually take three fights between Spence and Crawford to fully decide who is the better man. A trilogy would be an awesome thing to see, but for now we will settle for the opening act. And we will settle for one fight between Fury and Joshua.

Spence Vs. Crawford in November, and Fury-Joshua in December. Who said the best don’t fight the best and that boxing is a “dying,” no longer mainstream sport!

Now, who wins if these two massive fights do happen this year? It’s actually a pretty tough call with both fights, even if you see Fury and Crawford as the favourites. Joshua and Spence will absolutely get plenty of support from the fans as well as the experts. We all know anything can happen with the big men of the sport, while some fans feel Crawford and Spence are just about as evenly matched as two fighters can be.