Shannon Briggs STILL Calling Out David Haye, Says He Is Certain The Fight Will Happen

Fans will no doubt recall how Shannon Briggs chased, called out and got into a war of words with David Haye. Briggs, who seemed desperate to fight Haye, even boxed on a Haye under-card to “prove” himself (this May 2016 win by the former lineal and WBO heavyweight champion being Briggs’ most recent ring appearance). Haye instead fought Tony Bellew, twice, losing both bouts and then calling it quits on his career.

Despite this, Briggs, who is over in the UK looking for a fight, is STILL not done calling Haye out. Speaking with Star Sport, the 47 year old has challenged Haye to come back and fight him. Briggs says he has a “gut feeling” the fight will actually happen, that Haye will be unable to ignore his taunting this time. Make of this what you will (and perhaps your own gut reaction over the thought that this fight could still happen at this late, late stage in the careers of both men is one of throwing up), but we all know how stranger fights have happened.

Maybe Haye, still only 38 years of age, will look at Briggs as one last decent payday and come back for what he would very possibly think would be an easy fight; despite his own career injuries. Again, odder things have happened in this sport. And as sad as the fight would run the risk of being, people would watch, wouldn’t they? Briggs simply refuses to go away. Whether that’s a good thing or something else is pretty much up to you.

Would Briggs actually get a license to box in the UK though? Come to that, would Haye? Briggs did say a while back that he will sit before the British Boxing Board of Control in an attempt to obtain a license to box in the UK but that if he is unsuccessful he will fight in the U.S (he even mentioned the possibility of appearing on the June card topped by Tyson Fury Vs. Tom Schwarz).

Haye has yet to comment on this latest call out from Briggs.