Shannon Briggs High On Tyson Fury

“If He Cleans Out The Division With Six Fights Over Two Years, We Gonna Have To Say He’s The Greatest Of All-Time”

Former lineal heavyweight champ Shannon Briggs is most impressed by Tyson Fury and his achievements. The only thing Briggs wants to see more of from Fury is sustained activity. Speaking with Fight Hype, “The Cannon” said that it’s the “in-betweens” that hurt Fury; his layoffs in-between his big fights. Now, Briggs says, Fury can go down as “the greatest heavyweight of all-time,” if he can stay active and, over the next two years “clean out the division.”

“If he can give us two years of activity, I’m talking about six fights, six contenders……not even contenders, the top boys. If he clean out the heavyweight division, the top-10, then guess what – we gonna have to say he’s the greatest heavyweight of all-time,” Briggs said of Fury. “[We gonna have to say that] he could have beat anybody, because of his size. Could you imagine, put him and George Foreman together! That’s a tough one. How about him and Lennox Lewis?”

Has Briggs got a valid point? If Fury, who is currently 31-0-1(22), goes on to beat, say, Oleksandr Usyk, Dillian Whyte, Joe Joyce, Anthony Joshua, and two other elite guys (pick who you want from the current heavyweight top-10), is he in the running to go down as THE greatest heavyweight ever? Maybe. One thing most experts agree on is the fact that Fury, at 6’9” but very fast and nimble, and with a great engine, would have given ANY heavyweight in history a tough time. Whether Fury would have beaten a Foreman (either the 1970s version or the 1990s version), a Lewis or, dare we say it, a Muhammad Ali, is another question – a tough one, as Briggs said.

The next two years will be very interesting for Fury and for his fans, and for his place in history. The good news is Fury says he wants to fight again in either February or March, so it seems he does want to stay active from now on. There are some excellent fights out there for Fury, now let’s see if he can win them. Is there anyone out there who can topple “The Gypsy King?”

Let’s go, champ!