Shakur Stevenson says Ryan Garcia’s power won’t trouble Gervonta Davis

By Rob Smith - 01/10/2023 - Comments

Shakur Stevenson says Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis will have no qualms about taking the best shots from Ryan Garcia to deal him his first career defeat when they fight in April.

Some fans believe that Ryan Garcia’s power will be too much for Tank Davis, whose defense has proven to be leaky in his recent fights against Hector Luis Garcia and Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero.

If Ryan (23-0, 19 KOs) can land his devasting left hook smash shot on the chin of Tank Davis (28-0, 26 KOs), he’s got a chance of upsetting the Baltimore native.

Shakur thinks that Gervonta can take Ryan’s best shots without folding and come back with his own excellent punches to get him out of there.

Of course, we won’t know until the two knockout artists get inside the, but right now, many believe that Tank’s chin will be good enough to take Ryan’s shots long enough to get to him with one of his own big KO blows.

“He [Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis] doesn’t care about getting hit,” Shakur Stevenson said to The DAZN Boxing Show.

“He’ll have no concern. In his brain, he will feel like he can take anybody’s punches, and so far, he’s been holding up.”

“No, I don’t think so. I think Ryan is a good puncher, but I doubt that he is going to just walk forward and take any punches from Ryan Garcia. I think he’s a smart fighter and will adjust.”

Is Ryan Garcia mentally ready for Tank Davis?

“Where he comes up as the underdog in this fight is in experience,” said Teddy Atlas on The Fight about Ryan Garcia lacking the same experience as Tank Davis. “There’s no doubt that Tank Davis has been in with not only more fights, but the better level fighters.

“Tank Davis has been in with the better competition. He’s had more questions asked and answered than Ryan Garcia has up to this point in his career.

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“Does Ryan Garcia need more time before taking on a guy like Tank Davis? I don’t know. I don’t necessarily think he does need more time. I think he’s matured enough in the last year. We won’t know 100% for sure until he gets in that ring.

“But that experience factor is important, it is important. To have those questions in your own mind asked and answered. I think Ryan was feeling that,” said Atlas about Ryan feeling the mental issues that come from the pressure of boxing. “As I said, Tank is more down the road.”