Ryan Garcia’s Ex-Wife Expresses Alarm Over Him: “He is Not Fine”

By Tim Compton - 03/04/2024 - Comments

Ryan Garcia’s ex-wife Drea Celna says he is NOT okay and she’s worried. Last Sunday, Ryan posted a strange cryptic message, which some felt was him being kidnapped.

Ryan’s dad, Henry Garcia has since dismissed it as him trolling the fans, bu it’s troubling that he would post something like that to upset people. His ex-wife feels that something is wrong with him, and she wants people to pray. There’s widespread concern for Ryan’s mental health.

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“I am genuinely concerned and so are all his family members,” said Drea Celina, Ryan Garcia’s ex-wife, expressing her worry about him on social media.

The organizers of Ryan Garcia’s fight against Devin Haney on April 20th need to start thinking about finding a replacement for him because he seems like he’s going through a rough patch in his life and would be better off working through these issues before returning to the ring.

Outpouring of Concern

Social media was flooded with fans expressing worry about Ryan’s condition, and they wanted him to be checked on to see if he was okay. His last message on X looked and sounded like he was being kidnapped. But even if he he was just trolling, something is wrong with Ryan for him to act the way he is.

Haney said that Ryan smelled of alcohol during their face-off, and he felt that he wasn’t taking care of himself. Ryan revealed during the press conference smokes and drinks.

With the money that Ryan is making for this fight with Haney, he likely won’t willingly back out of the fight because he won’t want to miss out on the giant payday he’ll be getting, especially with him talking about projecting himself becoming a billionaire soon.

Canceling the fight would be a good idea. If Haney wants to stay on the April 20th date, he can defend against Arnold Barboza Jr. or Sandor Martin. Those would be excellent replacements for Ryan.