Ryan Garcia Fires Back at Rematch Doubts, Claims Innocence in PED Scandal

By Tim Compton - 05/03/2024 - Comments

Ryan Garcia told the media today that Devin Haney doesn’t want a rematch with him after the “a** whipping” he gave him on April 20th.

Garcia says he’s been “set up” with the PEDs. He doesn’t say who set him up, but he makes it clear that he didn’t use any performance-enhancing drugs to aid his 12-round majority decision win over Haney.

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Ryan (25-1, 20 Kos) states that if Haney (31-1, 15 KOs) does want the rematch, he’ll “end him” worse than he did the first time and he’ll “never” be the same.

It’s interesting that Ryan is suddenly now willing to fight Haney after the reports of his PED tests have surfaced. Is that a signal that Ryan has lost credibility with fans and feels like he has to fight Haney now to show them that his win wasn’t aided by chemicals?

Ready for Rematch

“We’re calling bull s***. I’m clean all the way through. The last possible moment, I supposedly took steroids,” said Ryan Garcia to the media on Friday, talking about his positive PED tests. “I’m not that much of an idiot.

“These motherf****s set it up. How they have this excuse already built in. His brother said, ‘Oh, he’s going to test positive for PEDs.’ How the f*** would you know that? They’re trying to play me and take my victory. I’ve never taken steroids, and I never would.

“These motherf**** are clowns. We know damn well that he don’t want the rematch because he just claimed, ‘I don’t want no rematch,'” said Ryan Garcia, reacting to the comment made by Devin Haney during an interview with ESPN in which he said he wasn’t interested in a rematch with Ryan because he’s untrustworthy after reports surfaced that he’d tested positive for PEDs.

“So there won’t be no rematch. I beat the s*** out of him. It was the easiest fight I’ve ever had in my life. I’m not going to fight him again. I felt like I was fighting an amateur.

“I made it seem like he shouldn’t have been in the ring with me, but if he wants to do it again, I’m going to end him even worse. He’s never going to be the same after the a** whipping. When you take an a** whipping like that,” said Ryan.

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