Rolly Romero says Ohara Davies next, then Ryan Garcia

By Rob Smith - 07/16/2023 - Comments

Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero has finally acknowledged that he’ll be forced to defend his WBA light welterweight title next against his mandatory Ohara Davies rather than taking the lucrative PPV-level fight that he wants against Ryan Garcia.

Rolly says the 31-year-old Davies (25-2, 18 KOs) is a “fun sponge” for not letting him take on Ryan Garcia in a fight that would be “exciting” for the fans.

If Rolly were willing to pay Davies a large step-aside fee, it’s possible that he might let him take the Ryan match-up next, but that’s probably not going to happen.

Boxing fans want Rolly to give a rematch to Ismael Barroso because his ninth round knockout victory over him was tainted by how referee Tony Weeks appeared to needlessly stop it.

It looked very, very strange how Weeks stepped in to halt the bout, which saved Rolly from losing to the 40-year-old Barroso. The fight didn’t need to be stopped.

Rolly may come to regret it if he doesn’t give Ohara Davies a step aside because there’s an excellent chance he loses to him unless there’s another peculiar stoppage.

“I’m happy he got out. It’s tough in there, and being locked up is hard on everybody,” said Rolly Romero to Fighthype when asked about his thoughts on Gervonta Davis being released from jail.

“I heard he’s doing prison workouts in there and s**t. Nah, he looked like he took care of himself.

“I do not know any of those mother f***ers. Please don’t ask me questions like that, but ask me about people that are relevant,” said Rolly when asked if he’d be interested in fighting Shakur Stevenson or Devin Haney next.

Rolly obviously is just looking for the big-money fight against Ryan Garcia, Gervonta Davies & Errol Spence and doesn’t want to take on guys for smaller paydays in fights he could lose.

“I’m going, to be honest with you, as much as I want the Ryan s**t to happen, but let’s be honest. Who do you guys prefer me to fight? Ryan Garcia or Ohara,” said Rolly.

“Okay, by a million miles, but Ohara Davies wants to be a fun sponge and doesn’t want to shut the f**k up, so we’re going to have to deal with his b**ch a**, and he’s ugly as f**k, and nobody knows who the f**k he is.

“Everybody will finally know who he is now because I just said it, but like I said. Let’s f**k his a** up, and then Ryan Garcia is next. It gives time for Ryan Garcia to adjust to his new trainer [Derrick James], right?

“I’m going to tell you like this. If I got to deal with that s**t, I got to deal with that s**t,” said Rolly when asked if he’s going to fight his WBA mandatory Ohara Davies rather than vacating his title to avoid him.

“Like I said. He wants to be a fun sponge and f**k up all the f***king exciting fights in boxing because he’s not an exciting fight. All he does is slap. He dies,” said Rolly when asked what happens to Ohara Davies when he fights him.

“I’m going to ask you like this. We sparred in March 2013. I had just turned 17, right? I started boxing in December 2012, so I’d been boxing for like three or four months.

“He’s four years older than me, right? So that means he was 21 and I was 17. he was going hard on me. After I stopped his little brother to claim that he was impressing my 15-year-old sister, he is a f***king weirdo and not personal. He’s just a f***king weirdo,” said Rolly about Ohara.

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