Roberto Duran Hospitalized With Coronavirus

Roberto Duran has to win this fight. According to Duran’s son, Robin, the 69 year old living legend is currently being treated for coronavirus and is in hospital in Panama. Reports say Duran was tested on Thursday and he came up positive for Covid-19.

Robin Duran has put out a message on social media saying that his father is not critical, that his lungs “are fine” and that he is showing no symptoms other than those common to a person suffering from the flu. Robin asks all Roberto’s fans and supporters to pray for a full recovery by his father.

Duran is beloved the world over, his incredible fighting achievements the stuff of genuine legend. For many, Duran is the finest lightweight in the history of the weight class, others still rank the four-weight king (135, 147, 154 and 160) as the greatest living fighter.

The recent documentary “Hands of Stone” introduced Duran to a whole new generation of fight fans, his truly amazing life proving inspirational to many more millions of people. Duran is nothing short of a God in Panama, where a statue and murals pay constant tribute to the fearsomely brilliant prizefighter known as “Manos De Piedra.”

It would be truly awful Iif this terrible virus took Duran from us. This simply cannot happen. Duran is a born fighter and he WILL pull through. Right now, well-wishers are sending in their hopes and prayers of support to the great Duran.

So far in the short history of the mysterious coronavirus, Duran is by far the most famous boxer to have contracted the disease. Again, let’s all wish Roberto a speedy and full recovery.

Fans will never forget the epics Duran fought, against the likes of Sugar Ray Leonard, Ken Buchanan, Marvin Hagler, Esteban De Jesus, Iran Barkley and so many others.

Duran is the only survivor from a long since vanished golden era in boxing.