RESULTS: Quillin – Truax stopped on a cut before it really started

By Chris Carlson - 04/14/2019 - Comments

Caleb Truax’s ring walk song was a fitting ‘Purple Rain’ in a state where Prince made his bones, as it turned out that would be the most exciting part of the main event. After a range finding round one, Truax was cut above the right eye from an accidental head butt. Apparently the cut was bleeding badly enough for the referee and doctor to stop this bout before the third round ending in a no-contest to the hometowns crowd dismay. Peter Quillin seemed willingly to come back to the Armory in Minneapolis for a possible rematch.

Caleb Truax post fight interview quotes, “It’s disappointing I couldn’t put on a good fight for the fans. They came to see 12 rounds of action. It hurts but that’s boxing. “I thought he won the first round but I was fighting the fight that I wanted to. I was pushing him backwards. Eventually I would have liked to tire him down and just kept working. It was going to plan. “I’m flattered that everybody came out for me. The fans are doing a great job representing how strong our boxing community is. This is one of the best times in decades for Minnesota boxing. “The head butt came during an exchange where he led with his head. As soon as I turned around the blood started dripping into my right eye. “My cutman tells me it’s pretty bad so I’m going to have to take a little time off and get some stitches. I’ll heal up and see what’s next.”

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Fighting out of Brooklyn, New York by way of Ukraine, Sergey Derevyanchenko took on German based fighter Jack Culcay for an IBF middleweight title eliminator. The pair split the first two rounds, neither landed anything worth writing home about. Culcay’s defense and counter rights were frustrating Sergey, who was landing jabs mostly along with decent body work. Late in the 4th Derevyanchenko landed the best punch of the fight with a short left hand while tracking Culcay. The 5th round was the most competitive up to that point with each fighter taking turns jumping in and out. It was Sergey landing a nasty left hook to the body repeatedly in the sixth. Left hook exchanges to begin the 7th led way to Sergey aiming for the head with overhand rights, instead finding the side of Jack’s head.

Jack Culcay did his best work late in this fight, especially early in the eighth which sparked Sergey to return the favor with left hooks in a very close round. As quickly as this fight heated up it slowed back down to a snail’s pace in 9th and a good chunk of the 10th, until the last 20 seconds when Culcay landed several flush shots via lunging right hands hurting Sergey. At the beginning of the 11th, Sergey hit the canvas but it was ruled a slip/trip by the referee. The biggest shots were landed by Culcay as Derevyanchenko seemed leg wary and at the very least buzzed if not full on hurt. Sergey turned up the volume on Culcay in the 12th and ended up closing the stronger of the two as the final round came to an end, scorecards read 116-112, 116-112, and 115-113 all in favor of Derevyanchenko now 13-1.

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Right before the main event, hot prospect Joey Spencer won by unanimous decision moving to 7-0 in a harder-than-expected challenge from Osias Vasquez out of Texas. Spencer managed to get some much-needed rounds under his belt dominating a very tough Vasquez with a plethora of body shots in rapid fire style and an abundance of hooks/uppercuts to the head.

The scheduled top of the bill for the FS2 prelims matched Brooklyn, New York native Chris Colbert aka ‘Lil Bhop’ against the veteran Mario Briones out of Aguascalientes, Mexico. Colbert mostly flashed his jab in round one, landing a sharp left hand that dropped Briones early in the second leading to a technical knockout not long after the knockdown. The first bout as part of the prelims telecast saw Jose Miguel Borrego (15-2) win a unanimous decision over Hector Ambriz Suarez in a 10-rounder. It was clear Borrego landed the better blows but as the fight wore on Suarez got plenty of his own shots in during exchanges. Borrego began to open up offensively with several heavy hooks and straight lefts early and late in the 4th round. Stiff jabs and left hooks were the main weapons the rest of the way for Borrego as Suarez did just enough using movement to stay upright.

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A swing bout between prospect Money Powell and Christian Aguirre started slow until the closing minute of the third round when Powell landed his jab nicely and a few short uppercuts on the inside. Money continued success with sweeping left hooks in the fourth and quick combo punching in the 5th. In the sixth and final round Powell hit Aguirre with a mean left hook that stopped the fight.

Minneapolis born and bred VeShawn Owens took on Alexis Gaytan in another swing bout while FS1 was waiting for the MLB game to finish. The action was even until the third when Gaytan landed a major right hand dropping and hurting Owens. In the 4th and 5th rounds both men engaged in mostly infighting with Alexis getting the best of the two-way action. VeShawn suffered a cut over his left eye near the midway point, the rest of the way it was Gaytan walking down Owens for the most part. Unfortunately, Alexis Gaytan got the short end of the stick dropping a questionable decision, the scorecards were 77-74, 76-75 for Owens, and one to Gaytan 76-75.

In the opening bouts off television, Darwin Price (14-0) attacked the body with both hands and landed hard right hands in route to a 6th round TKO victory over Luis Florez. Uriel Lara based out of the local Lyke’s ACR boxing gym in Minnesota, defeated Jermiah De Los Santos by unanimous decision in what turned out to be a decent test for Lara moving to 4-0, Mycheal Teal from Saint Petersburg, Florida won by UD over 4 rounds as well.

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