Public Perception Means Diddily-Squat

Don’t concern yourself. What you thought you saw wasn’t real. “All Access” was all showbiz, according to Floyd Mayweather, Jr. What viewers saw was what he wanted them to see. It was not real, a kind of mirage. Shedding more light, he explained it wasn’t marijuana we saw. It really was nothing but harmless weed, a prop. He further explained we need not believe what we heard either. The truth is his doghouse fighters really did have rest periods, and weren’t forced to spar for 31 straight minutes. And, those people flashing money around, giving us the impression they were betting, well that was a staged exhibition for the cameras.

The NSAC panel in charge apparently nodded their heads in agreement, and voiced their satisfaction with Mayweather’s explanation. The implication was as long as you were just kidding, it’s okay. But, next time please let us know a head of time what you’re planning to do, so we won’t be alarmed and made to look foolish. Money would have us believe as Mick “Crocodile” Dundee used to say, “No worries mate.”

Really, no problem? If the NSAC didn’t ask for an explanation, how and when was the public going to be informed that things were staged? Now that the NSAC knows what occurred, are they content with sitting back and allowing a deliberate attempt to deceive the public? What if Mayweather had not been called to testify by the NSAC? The obvious answer is the public would be left with the perception that what they viewed on “All Access” was for real.

It’s obvious that Mayweather was not concerned with public perception. He argues it’s all an innocent portrayal, a bit outrageous, but done just to sell tickets. Caught in a lie, he now wants to take it back. The visual and audio depiction given in “All Access” is just an portrayal of what might go on with lower forms of life. He needs agreement from the NSAC and seems to be getting it. Hence, once again TBE emerges victorious, a champion. As usual, though, he wasn’t a champion of the victimized. He was just looking after number one.